1. i think this may not be new, but i think we are the only country in the world to have many previews of the national day parade. it seems the people are more interested on the parade rather than the ‘significance’ of the day itself. to that i propose that we change ‘national day’ to ‘national day parade holiday’. and please no more clips of lky crying in front of the telly of ’65.

2. men’s style had a page that links to the best undiscovered videos. mj’s performance made my day. yah!

3. i need a haircut. but the hair’s thinning and no style can suit me well. i just hope i won’t turn out like this. scarrreeeyyyy.

4. warhol vs banksy. ’nuff said.

5. i just have to do this. i just have to. i cannot wait for control, the biopic of ian curtis.

i will go and see this just for the soundtrack alone. trailer. clip. clip 2.

fucken brilliant.


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