these pretzels are making me thirsty

ok first thing first. 3 hours for a concert is a tad tiring, yes?

moving on, it seems to be totally ironical that with the advancement of technology these days, vintage and (very) back to the basics approach is THE way to go. oh, our fickleness…

1. after nike came out with the free 5.0, barefoot running was the future even after years and millions of dollars went into research for comfortable wearing. now, someone had gone a step further.

treds from australia ‘developed’ barefoot flip flop / topless sandals or whatever it’s to be called. but sarip had not get the grip on how long will the ‘glue’ or whatever adhesives it has after so many wears. but at least it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaay bettuh than the fugly crocs. sarip figures it’ll be okaaaay to be wearing to the sembahyang jumaat cos it’ll be easy to chuck it in some discreet hideouts so the budak-nakal-tapi-gi-masjid-lepas-tuh-curi- kasut-orang will not be able to curi it.

2. but these shades takes the cake , cherry and what nots. soooo futturrreee. asalkan jangan jadi abang abang perasan who still wear the shades indoors or in the fucken nite.

3. but the most noticeable trend of the back-to-basic-it’s-so-cool-that-i-should’ve-thought-of-it-ages-ago are those one-take music videos. say whaaat? ya know like that OK GO video on the treadmill thing? yeah that. the one that we can take with our bulky VIDEOcam in one take but don’t-know-how-to-blardy-edit-the-thing-pasal-takde-budget-siak. feist’s 1234 take early this year was vair nice but then feist always look nice. anyway, suddenly there’s a surge on this feno-fenooooo-mena such as daft hands, zZz, bat for lashes and (oh!oh!) we are scientists. very nice i like!

for posterity’s sake and those malas nak click links here is one of ’em.

what will be next? skinny jeans, acid jeans and anything 80’s is the stay-cool-and-funky thing. maybe they’ll revive the stick-alot-of-stickers-on-your wardrobe thing and dislodge any fanatics of the bare look zenish looking homes. ahh, sarip can always dream…

but before this thing ends, sarip will like to keep this link. for memories and yada yada yada sake.


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