Breithla Shona Dhuit!

1. everyone (the freaky guys anyway with little to do) are anticipating for the start of the premier league come this aug 11th. ok, fine. sarip’s still a “liverpudlian”, but something tells him it’s going to be a case of same ‘ol same ‘ol for the reds this year. lots of hype, slow start, mid-season flourish and the inevitable failure when the crunch comes in around jan till march. and he think that torres dude will be crocked within a month or two citing indifference and “rough play”. or as what big priced strikers do at anfield, they’ll just flopped to follow the likes of saunders, collymore, riedle, diouf, cisse and most recently bellamy. surprisingly those who came without much fanfare flourished amazingly and sarip’s thinking benayoun will make a big impact there this season. but sarip can still hope. though he does not understand how on earth pool did not signed a player of class in roque santa cruz who came in for free FOR FREE! to blackburn.

that lad’s class! everyone needs a second club to cheer on so blackburn is one sarip will be pinning on at their games this season.

2. it’s all over sports columns- kg going green. he shld’ve gone to the suns methinks.

3. ogostos first is tomorrow. sarip does not mind getting this, can?

4. in tune with the ageing process, sarip will stand by these rules. yeah right.

5. unless sarip’s arnie. but he’s not born to reaaaaaaaaaaaaad but to leaaaaaaaaaad.

6. speaking of which, sarip finds the simpsons movie a bit of a let down. as to what homer jokes in the show “it takes a sucker to pay for a show you can get for free on TV. d’oh!”


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