harry portentousness

sarip does not understand harry-mania. he’d avoided the series as much before but for the first time, he went and viewed it.

an hour into the show, sarip fell asleep. by the time he realised, that harry was still having nightmares with this guy with no nose still doing its runs. sarip thought the sandman from spiderman was making a cameo since a lot of them villians were “sanding”. helena bonham carter was freakish and what put into her mind to just scream and sneer and nothing else. but gary oldman was dandy fine, as always. sarip was only awake when he made an appearence. and that gandalf wannabe was so like, erm, gandalf during that fire dragon fighting scene. geez!

and the ending, wtf?! he just smiled and walked and the scene looked over the palace looking something over the lake. what the hell was that sia?

the only thing sarip can make out from this show is a “empire strikes back gonna be evil hero doing a lord of the rings or at worst the neverending story movie sans the irritating song” type of flick.


thank goodness that this franchise will be ending….soon.


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