a compliment for us is a compliment for you

when you are bounded on a (very) long m.c., there’s nothing much you can do besides channel surfing and youtubing.

to some die-hard romantics who craves for nostalgia, singles may be one movie that triggers the heart strings. (for others it may be naked gun 2 1/2)

and so came across this clip from the show.

lots of cameos especially with eddie vedder looking fine and dandy and (shockingly) happy and relaxed. i love eddie vedder. i grow up listening to ten, vs, vitalogy and yield but then who does not right? grunge was our hip-hop.

anyway, there’s news that mr vedder will compile a full album for sean penn’s new movie. (link) nice. i love dead man walking’s soundtrack, so this better be good.

oh nostalgia is so beating upon me till i’ve some shoite of eddie’s / pearl jam tunes contributed to soundtracks. you can go and download it on the music music blog.

i’ve still have a few more weeks before the m.c. will be done. in the meantime, i can’t wait to see these shows.


take your pick. till then, i’m ghost!


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