this sporting life

i just finished watching that wimbledon finals. it was breathtaking. and for the longest time federer at last revealed emotions and drama in his game. sarip was expecting the same ‘ol boring one way traffic tea and scones sunday afternoon practice match, but to the delight of many this match was one for keeps. it was an epic.

sarip remembers the 2001 finals when goran ivanisevic beat pat rafter and the boisterous aussie contigent. that was the most recent classic match but this match was a notch higher with all the brilliant plays and nail biting drama. there was this one play in which nadal’s forehand was seemingly going to the right corner when somehow federer volleyed in split second. or the break point that federer one while squeezing his shot to return nadal’s swerve. and rallies! oh yes! what is tennis without long baseline rallies, swerving from left to right, front to back. and the drama of it all! after federer killed of the matched with a smashing volley and lying down in centre court and the release of all the tension and the crying! the tears! it looked and felt so real it makes andre agassi’s ‘spectacle’ looks so childish and fake.

it was an amazing match, all 3 hours and 40 mins of it. just we hope that federer won’t do a booker t and shouts ‘5 times! 5 times!’ then proceeds with the can-you-dig-it-sucka anthem while finishing it off with the ‘bookend’. oh yah.

but if there is anything else, federer’s nike line is teh werkz lah.

especially the duffel bag itself as the makau-lawa-sial item.

switching channels, vietnam won its match against u.a.e. on its debut appearance in the asian cup. watching this match makes one wonder why singapore did not join forces with the rest to co-host this event. whatever it is, vietnam’s play was incredible and if any, any of the singapore players are watching, they should just be ashamed of themselves. the vietnam team plays football, unlike the ‘lions’ who most of the times punts the long ball in hope of a stroke of luck and can mostly muster the maximum level of 5 consecutive passes and losing 3-0 to australia was still a commendable effort because the lions ‘at least’ show some improvement. bollocks.

the only sporting news that was not gladly received was ferrari winning again. and it just has to be kimi winning it. knn.

we’ll part (for now) with a message from optimushy praim.

all because of this.


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