by the power of greyskull!

hot fuzz is the shoite! (it’s a miracle that they are still showing it now amongst all these mega overhyped shows.)

loved those scenes when the show was paying ‘homage’ to the atypical hollywood bad cop good cop series. the bad boys pose-while-the-camera-moves-around, the bad boys-con air slow fuzzy wuzzy walk with the bad ass aviators and basically any other yucky moves made by the oh so beloved michael bay.

but the best of it all was when pc danny butterman shoots the gun up into the sky ala keanu reeves in point break. that was hysterical! the whole theatreliterally rocked after that scene with yours truly almost breaking his leg brace. lucky me.

all in all, great pace, good acting and a kick ass soundtrack as always in a film distributed by working title films.

in other news, i still cannot figure out who will come out alive if john mclane squares off with jack bauer.

now THAT is a movie the executives should consider. sort of like alien vs predator. meh. they can try die hard 24. and hans gruber will be resurrected and being very german again.



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