Breithla Shona Dhuit!

1. everyone (the freaky guys anyway with little to do) are anticipating for the start of the premier league come this aug 11th. ok, fine. sarip’s still a “liverpudlian”, but something tells him it’s going to be a case of same ‘ol same ‘ol for the reds this year. lots of hype, slow start, mid-season flourish and the inevitable failure when the crunch comes in around jan till march. and he think that torres dude will be crocked within a month or two citing indifference and “rough play”. or as what big priced strikers do at anfield, they’ll just flopped to follow the likes of saunders, collymore, riedle, diouf, cisse and most recently bellamy. surprisingly those who came without much fanfare flourished amazingly and sarip’s thinking benayoun will make a big impact there this season. but sarip can still hope. though he does not understand how on earth pool did not signed a player of class in roque santa cruz who came in for free FOR FREE! to blackburn.

that lad’s class! everyone needs a second club to cheer on so blackburn is one sarip will be pinning on at their games this season.

2. it’s all over sports columns- kg going green. he shld’ve gone to the suns methinks.

3. ogostos first is tomorrow. sarip does not mind getting this, can?

4. in tune with the ageing process, sarip will stand by these rules. yeah right.

5. unless sarip’s arnie. but he’s not born to reaaaaaaaaaaaaad but to leaaaaaaaaaad.

6. speaking of which, sarip finds the simpsons movie a bit of a let down. as to what homer jokes in the show “it takes a sucker to pay for a show you can get for free on TV. d’oh!”

we the shitizens

oh no.

national day is next week and suddenly thousands, if not millions, are suddenly becoming ‘more’ patriotic what with the free goodies and the inevitable national day parade bag.

may sarip suggest for next year’s parade, the organisers develop events such as this?  it’ll do wonders for nation building so as not to be so dependent on ‘for eign’ tayylent.

oh dear, i’ve to drag myself to work tomorrow……so long hohoholeedays…

everybody hates raymond


sarip was expecting knocked up to be better than the 40 year old virgin, but taking from golfing terms it’s a bit on par. except that it is freaking way too long. for my comfort.

it’s fuhneh nevertheless. and sarip can easily identify with paul rudd’s character what with fleeing off to his mates for some fantasy sports meetings just to seek “space”.

but in the real world i don’t know how is it possible for someone that looks like seth rogen is able to bed the d’oh-yummeh ms hiegel AND have a say in the baby as well.

like what paul said, “Marriage is like that show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, but it’s not funny. All the problems are the same, but you know instead of all the funny, pithy dialogue, everybody is really pissed off and tense.”

it’s just a movie sarip says.

friday night


sarip likes!
courtesy via the ever-so-delectable dr/ain. hah.

now, is it me or is this the wettest july we’ve had in yearrrrrs? it feels very decembery, sans christmas lites.


it’s still newish, but sarip has always likened the library@orchard. seems a bit sad that it’ll be closed in november. so soon sampai tak opocot-terhegeh-hegeh.

money-grabbing-landlords. bah.


saw this at the asylum.


If you’re one of those people who like to carry everything but the kitchen sink wherever you go, then this is the bag for you. Stuff is a bouncy rubber bag that stays flat as a pancake when all you’ve got is documents, and balloons up when necessary to contain all the extra bits you carry around. (Link)

i am one of those people.

can’t stand me now

i’ve been waking up at 12ish since forever and it’s killing the system. have only a few days more before the 5 am wake up call will be activated.

something newsy: they offered, sarip accepted. yee haw.

anyways, at the rate of my sleeping schedule, i will look as stoned as mr pete – except for the fame, crack, skinny weeny figure, talent and a certain kate moss. tch.


trousers! but he is witty. maybe before all those. (youtube link)

alrites, off to the blood test!

arrrrrghentina: like a nonexistent orgasm

Seriously, what a cock-up. As a neutral, I had my money on Argentina. They were playing some wonderful stuff and it was all heading towards a great finale. And just when the time came to put a seal on their wonderful performance, they chock up against a crocked, second-tier, (and dare I say) less-talented Brazilian team? As one of my good friends says, “It was like an orgasm which never came…”.

well said.

argentina always, always shows the beautiful football in the earlier qualifying stagesbut chokes during the most crucial of times. knn.

ok it’s time for cutiii cutiii malayyyysiaaaaa againnnn….

the old switch-a-roo

feel you are too old? embarassed of reading harry pottuh in the public? fear not! help is near! order one of these and you will get the oohs and aahs from everyone!


oh yes! at last! the p.i.c.c. line has been taken off. it’s funny ‘cos i didn’t expect the tube to be white in color. the gore of the blood gushing out from my veins during the treatment did not suffice. it sure looks icky though. but the arm is free from funny looking objects! *swings*

kids and sarip rarely exists along the same sentence. but this and this made him go “awwwwwwwww”. maybe he’d mellowed, who knows. but holy mahoney! whatever happened to songs about counting by twos, or nursery rhymes to 2 year olds!

sarip hopes this will end well.

and ok! repeat: i will not eat mcdonald’s again. same goes to you soggy fries lurvuh. 🙂

harry portentousness

sarip does not understand harry-mania. he’d avoided the series as much before but for the first time, he went and viewed it.

an hour into the show, sarip fell asleep. by the time he realised, that harry was still having nightmares with this guy with no nose still doing its runs. sarip thought the sandman from spiderman was making a cameo since a lot of them villians were “sanding”. helena bonham carter was freakish and what put into her mind to just scream and sneer and nothing else. but gary oldman was dandy fine, as always. sarip was only awake when he made an appearence. and that gandalf wannabe was so like, erm, gandalf during that fire dragon fighting scene. geez!

and the ending, wtf?! he just smiled and walked and the scene looked over the palace looking something over the lake. what the hell was that sia?

the only thing sarip can make out from this show is a “empire strikes back gonna be evil hero doing a lord of the rings or at worst the neverending story movie sans the irritating song” type of flick.


thank goodness that this franchise will be ending….soon.

dah macam ngah tengok forum perdana

entah apasal bila gua tengok itu lionel messi nye gol, dengar dia nye komentar gua cam nak ketawa. baik ke tak baik, tapi cam si dituh cam over sikit tak kot…?

jangan si bapakanda nanti next time dia tengok bola dia keluarkan tasbih siot. sidituh kalau tengok bola gua tak paham. sikit sikit nanti dia terpekik ‘apaaaaaaaa sajaaaaalah’.

dia nye favret anthem gua rasa.

a compliment for us is a compliment for you

when you are bounded on a (very) long m.c., there’s nothing much you can do besides channel surfing and youtubing.

to some die-hard romantics who craves for nostalgia, singles may be one movie that triggers the heart strings. (for others it may be naked gun 2 1/2)

and so came across this clip from the show.

lots of cameos especially with eddie vedder looking fine and dandy and (shockingly) happy and relaxed. i love eddie vedder. i grow up listening to ten, vs, vitalogy and yield but then who does not right? grunge was our hip-hop.

anyway, there’s news that mr vedder will compile a full album for sean penn’s new movie. (link) nice. i love dead man walking’s soundtrack, so this better be good.

oh nostalgia is so beating upon me till i’ve some shoite of eddie’s / pearl jam tunes contributed to soundtracks. you can go and download it on the music music blog.

i’ve still have a few more weeks before the m.c. will be done. in the meantime, i can’t wait to see these shows.


take your pick. till then, i’m ghost!


michael moore may not be the saviour of humankind. but at least he gives an alternate view, and good solid points. it received some bad vibes about its distortion of facts but then mainstream / right wing provocateurs will always try to put down its detractors.

watch it for your own personal view before ‘they’ take down the link.

wolf blitzer is blitzered by moore. nice. the perfect rebel with a cause.

the main lesson that i learn from this documentary is that i want to shift to france since i don’t think our medisave is as transparent as it seems though. heh.

UPDATE: it didn’t take that long for singapore’s case of ‘First World’ talk vs ‘Third World’ bureaucracy’. a woman died because of ‘i-have-to-follow-the-law-die-die’

by the power of greyskull!

hot fuzz is the shoite! (it’s a miracle that they are still showing it now amongst all these mega overhyped shows.)

loved those scenes when the show was paying ‘homage’ to the atypical hollywood bad cop good cop series. the bad boys pose-while-the-camera-moves-around, the bad boys-con air slow fuzzy wuzzy walk with the bad ass aviators and basically any other yucky moves made by the oh so beloved michael bay.

but the best of it all was when pc danny butterman shoots the gun up into the sky ala keanu reeves in point break. that was hysterical! the whole theatreliterally rocked after that scene with yours truly almost breaking his leg brace. lucky me.

all in all, great pace, good acting and a kick ass soundtrack as always in a film distributed by working title films.

in other news, i still cannot figure out who will come out alive if john mclane squares off with jack bauer.

now THAT is a movie the executives should consider. sort of like alien vs predator. meh. they can try die hard 24. and hans gruber will be resurrected and being very german again.


this sporting life

i just finished watching that wimbledon finals. it was breathtaking. and for the longest time federer at last revealed emotions and drama in his game. sarip was expecting the same ‘ol boring one way traffic tea and scones sunday afternoon practice match, but to the delight of many this match was one for keeps. it was an epic.

sarip remembers the 2001 finals when goran ivanisevic beat pat rafter and the boisterous aussie contigent. that was the most recent classic match but this match was a notch higher with all the brilliant plays and nail biting drama. there was this one play in which nadal’s forehand was seemingly going to the right corner when somehow federer volleyed in split second. or the break point that federer one while squeezing his shot to return nadal’s swerve. and rallies! oh yes! what is tennis without long baseline rallies, swerving from left to right, front to back. and the drama of it all! after federer killed of the matched with a smashing volley and lying down in centre court and the release of all the tension and the crying! the tears! it looked and felt so real it makes andre agassi’s ‘spectacle’ looks so childish and fake.

it was an amazing match, all 3 hours and 40 mins of it. just we hope that federer won’t do a booker t and shouts ‘5 times! 5 times!’ then proceeds with the can-you-dig-it-sucka anthem while finishing it off with the ‘bookend’. oh yah.

but if there is anything else, federer’s nike line is teh werkz lah.

especially the duffel bag itself as the makau-lawa-sial item.

switching channels, vietnam won its match against u.a.e. on its debut appearance in the asian cup. watching this match makes one wonder why singapore did not join forces with the rest to co-host this event. whatever it is, vietnam’s play was incredible and if any, any of the singapore players are watching, they should just be ashamed of themselves. the vietnam team plays football, unlike the ‘lions’ who most of the times punts the long ball in hope of a stroke of luck and can mostly muster the maximum level of 5 consecutive passes and losing 3-0 to australia was still a commendable effort because the lions ‘at least’ show some improvement. bollocks.

the only sporting news that was not gladly received was ferrari winning again. and it just has to be kimi winning it. knn.

we’ll part (for now) with a message from optimushy praim.

all because of this.

grumpy bear

mana gua nak start nih?

ok, pertama gua ada baca itu berita hai-yah-ran yang ada laporan tuh pasal yaaaaaaaakobe bryant nak tulus cadangan nak buat satu list lah ka, konon konon nak bagi perangsang lah kepada orang muda mudi melayu nih. macam apa tuh orang kata idols lah.

tapikan cik yaaaaaaaakoooobaabaa black sheep, berapa kali kita orang nak tengok muka yang sama ajer untuk ni budak-budak ratapkan diaorang nye inspirasi untuk maju kehadapan. asik asik muka sidini, abih muka sidituh abistuh dah. kalau nak maju tuh agak agak lah sikit, ataupun memang pasal belum maju tuh pasal kena bikin itu list jadi boleh tunjukkan kepada itu holy father, holy son and the holy goh-st yang melayu nih ada jugak sikit bergunanya. tapikan yakobe bryant, asal ko tak mau bikin satu ujian asal banyak sangat orang kita suka sangat masuk dalam itu angkatan uniform eh, pakkal dari sarjana sampai ke ‘bawah’. bagus jugak buat ujian camtuh.

ataupun dari buat list cam nak ‘gembur-gemburkan’ inspirasi kat masyarakat umum, apa kata buat ujian tentang kisah keluarga yang bapak jadi dj lepas tuh mak jadi hostess dan tak tau apasal ada budak 16 tahun boleh jadi dia nye penolong. sensasi kan? ni yang orang atas atas selalu cakap nak tolong ni lah, nak tolong tuh lah tapi apa yang dah dibuat? sekarang tuh yang anak anak diaorang tuh apa nak dibuat? ko nak kasikan itu list jadi saban hari tuh budak2 tengok..oh aku harus jadi macam tofik batekada jadi boleh jadi kaya raya dan boleh beli kereta honda crv jadi hari raya nanti senang nak ajak members jalan sama sama.

eh tapi gua rasa tak lah cam tuh. pasal nanti satu hari bila nak dekat time raya nanti adalah sidituh gi bagi beritahu satu singapura yang melayu nih memang dah berkembang, dah maju dan yang tak larat dan mampu nanti aku posing kat kamera bagi satu beg plastik kaler merah.

eh aku ni nye mulut nye lah tak baikkkkk. buruk betol. patutlah sampai sakit cam gini. balak agaknye kotttt. tapi sebelum orang nanti cakap ni aku ni suka berleteh ajer tapi tak nak bagi solusi, aku ni pun adalah cadangkan macam cadangan yang dulu dulu tuh entah dah basi ke tak.

macam gini wahai baginda patik cadangkan (lagi) – cukup nak membesar besarkan kemampuan melayu. kita orang sumua dah tahu lah. apa nak buat itu list lagi. tak bagus tau. nanti banyak mak bapak melayu nih marah marah kat anak dia apasal dia tuh tak pandai sangat kat skolah nanti tak boleh jadi macam (circa 1990) alfian saat (tapi gua caya sama lu beb). dah lah kena bandingkan ngan sepupu dia yang masuk skolah tuh lah ini lah, ah kang bapak menteri besar letak lagi satu benda untuk dibandingkan.

betol tak?

eh tapi belum habis lagi aku nak celoteh nih.

aku heran tau, teksi teksi ni kan diaorang cakap kerja diaorang ni susah, pendapatan tak setinggi dahulu, pap pup pap pip, tapi yang paling klakar apasal lah dalam duni nih pabila jam dah pukul lima orang ribu ribu nak balik rumah korang sumer nak tukar shift lepas tuh ada lagi bukan nak tanya orang yang tunggu kat taxi queue nak pergi mana tapi kena ikut kata si pemandu mana dia nak pergi??

apa nih?

aku adalah diri kat sgh aku tengok teksi berhenti kejap lepas tuh pekik kat orang yang nak tunggu dia nak gi amk ke tak lepas tuh apek yang ngah tunggu dia cakap nak pergi jurong, apek teksi trus jalan kaper. kepala hotak ni sumer berjambol lah! dah lah ni teksi makan extra dua dolar untuk evening peak hour, diaorang ada step lagi boleh bilang dia cuma boleh gi satu tempat ajer atas alasan nak tukar shift. bukan satu tapi sampai berbelasan siot dari comfort ke city ke smart ke transit. ni teksi ni sumer tukar shift dalam sama waktu ke? kita orang nak pakai teksi takde notis ke nak dicakap “ok ni taimmmm korang jangan harap dapat teksi pasal kita orang nak gi mandi kejap lepas tuh cuci ni kereta sebelum nak pass kat dreber lain. jadi jangan tunggu dari kol 5 sampai kol 7.kalau tak, amik bus/mrt ataupun gi bikin overtime.”

aku bingit melepai. adake patut aku nak book teksi dia suruh aku hold on the line sampai 10 minute, trus dia cakap takde teksi lepas tuh dia matikan line. dua kali!

ok ok bertenang..bertenang…

tuh takpe, dah lah kena tunggu doctor untuk 20-30 minute. masok bilik doctor pegang sikit sikit tulis sikit sikit tanya sakit ke tak, bagi mc pap pup pap pip gi depan bayar $25. eh? rilek jer. macam gituh aku jumpa bomoh pun lagi mulia siot.

duit duit duit. aku rasa aku pindah tinggal dalam hutan lagi mulia. cuma aku takut babi hutan ajer….

even captain planet makes more sense

so they are doing the live earth event next week aye? saving the world aye? promote awareness aye? here’s a suggestion to the (main) organisers and the “no exaggeration” ads pointed out by our oh so lovely mediacork artists – instead of hours and hours of doing the advertisements, promotion, marketing and what nots, why don’t they suggest to turn off each tv station on earth for that particular 24 hours? makes more common sense right instead of putting on the green t-shirt ‘in support’ of saving the earth? no no no?

maybe the kind words of sir bob geldof may put things right,

“I hope they’re a success. But why is Gore actually organising them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody’s known about [the greenhouse problem] for years. We’re all fucking conscious of global warming. Live Earth doesn’t have a final goal. I would only organize [a gig like this] if I could go on stage and announce concrete environmental measures from the American presidential candidates, Congress or major corporations. They haven’t got those guarantees. So it’s just an enormous pop concert or the umpteenth time that, say, Madonna or Coldplay get up on stage. “

but then again sir bob, live aid applies the same concept too, so…