Breithla Shona Dhuit!

1. everyone (the freaky guys anyway with little to do) are anticipating for the start of the premier league come this aug 11th. ok, fine. sarip’s still a “liverpudlian”, but something tells him it’s going to be a case of same ‘ol same ‘ol for the reds this year. lots of hype, slow start, mid-season flourish and the inevitable failure when the crunch comes in around jan till march. and he think that torres dude will be crocked within a month or two citing indifference and “rough play”. or as what big priced strikers do at anfield, they’ll just flopped to follow the likes of saunders, collymore, riedle, diouf, cisse and most recently bellamy. surprisingly those who came without much fanfare flourished amazingly and sarip’s thinking benayoun will make a big impact there this season. but sarip can still hope. though he does not understand how on earth pool did not signed a player of class in roque santa cruz who came in for free FOR FREE! to blackburn.

that lad’s class! everyone needs a second club to cheer on so blackburn is one sarip will be pinning on at their games this season.

2. it’s all over sports columns- kg going green. he shld’ve gone to the suns methinks.

3. ogostos first is tomorrow. sarip does not mind getting this, can?

4. in tune with the ageing process, sarip will stand by these rules. yeah right.

5. unless sarip’s arnie. but he’s not born to reaaaaaaaaaaaaad but to leaaaaaaaaaad.

6. speaking of which, sarip finds the simpsons movie a bit of a let down. as to what homer jokes in the show “it takes a sucker to pay for a show you can get for free on TV. d’oh!”


we the shitizens

oh no.

national day is next week and suddenly thousands, if not millions, are suddenly becoming ‘more’ patriotic what with the free goodies and the inevitable national day parade bag.

may sarip suggest for next year’s parade, the organisers develop events such as this?  it’ll do wonders for nation building so as not to be so dependent on ‘for eign’ tayylent.

oh dear, i’ve to drag myself to work tomorrow……so long hohoholeedays…

everybody hates raymond


sarip was expecting knocked up to be better than the 40 year old virgin, but taking from golfing terms it’s a bit on par. except that it is freaking way too long. for my comfort.

it’s fuhneh nevertheless. and sarip can easily identify with paul rudd’s character what with fleeing off to his mates for some fantasy sports meetings just to seek “space”.

but in the real world i don’t know how is it possible for someone that looks like seth rogen is able to bed the d’oh-yummeh ms hiegel AND have a say in the baby as well.

like what paul said, “Marriage is like that show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, but it’s not funny. All the problems are the same, but you know instead of all the funny, pithy dialogue, everybody is really pissed off and tense.”

it’s just a movie sarip says.

friday night


sarip likes!
courtesy via the ever-so-delectable dr/ain. hah.

now, is it me or is this the wettest july we’ve had in yearrrrrs? it feels very decembery, sans christmas lites.


it’s still newish, but sarip has always likened the library@orchard. seems a bit sad that it’ll be closed in november. so soon sampai tak opocot-terhegeh-hegeh.

money-grabbing-landlords. bah.


saw this at the asylum.


If you’re one of those people who like to carry everything but the kitchen sink wherever you go, then this is the bag for you. Stuff is a bouncy rubber bag that stays flat as a pancake when all you’ve got is documents, and balloons up when necessary to contain all the extra bits you carry around. (Link)

i am one of those people.

can’t stand me now

i’ve been waking up at 12ish since forever and it’s killing the system. have only a few days more before the 5 am wake up call will be activated.

something newsy: they offered, sarip accepted. yee haw.

anyways, at the rate of my sleeping schedule, i will look as stoned as mr pete – except for the fame, crack, skinny weeny figure, talent and a certain kate moss. tch.


trousers! but he is witty. maybe before all those. (youtube link)

alrites, off to the blood test!

arrrrrghentina: like a nonexistent orgasm

Seriously, what a cock-up. As a neutral, I had my money on Argentina. They were playing some wonderful stuff and it was all heading towards a great finale. And just when the time came to put a seal on their wonderful performance, they chock up against a crocked, second-tier, (and dare I say) less-talented Brazilian team? As one of my good friends says, “It was like an orgasm which never came…”.

well said.

argentina always, always shows the beautiful football in the earlier qualifying stagesbut chokes during the most crucial of times. knn.

ok it’s time for cutiii cutiii malayyyysiaaaaa againnnn….