this won’t hurt you son. right.

if you do want to know, sarip’s back, p.i.c.c. line and all. i look like a freakshow now. tee hee.

i don’t think it will be wise to go and see the lil miss genie in tha bottle this sun.

unless people think a limping mat with lines jutting into his arm looks cool in this digital age.

sort of like neo in the matrix.

“oh, he’s the one!”

i saw lil children clutch to their moms when they saw me walking to the shop.

oh well, 3 more weeks to go and the bacteria will be ovuh!

just hopefully i wont be like a deranged chris benoit and do a hougang chainsaw massacre.

not good for opposition parties in the future. maybe not even en-blocers will want to buy their land here.

so, has the world changed these past 2 weeks other than paris hilton looking more “mampat”?


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