here comes the crescendo

how could the authorities predict something that has not happened yet to be a tragedy that can inflict ‘carnage’ to its people?

as far as we know, we watched the news for facts but as lately we are divulged with these ‘incredible’ pieces of coverage on an incident that has not happened. yet. why is this so?

does the media and the authorities want us to be living in a surge of fear everytime, feeling helplessness in this age of dependency and power?

how could they predict the car? who told them? and why can’t they just investigate the matter first before bringing in the world’s media and prophesies carnage?

one part is the fear of one’s safety, the other smells of conspiracy to induce fear and power dependency.

so the very….v.

trust the gahmen here to ban cars that look very 80s that are parked, anywhere. cannot afford ‘carnage’ mah…

in other worldly news, i think the blazers should’ve picked kevin durrant. giving up zach randolph and getting steve francis is a wee bit shaky. who’s gonna give them the points? from the roster, it looks only brandon roy can give them at most 20 points per game and not others. oden is still raw and lemarcus can’t give them points, yet. unless, of course, “the franchise” will turn out to be another damon stoudamire and rule the roost for the next 5 years.


those arab straps

not trying to be political-moderate-not-radical-muslim-that-is-so-in-vogue-
with-yakoob-baa-baa-black-sheep here, but what is the fucking deal with this fatah-hamas conflict?

as such if the people need new things to worry about.

sebel punya orang.

this won’t hurt you son. right.

if you do want to know, sarip’s back, p.i.c.c. line and all. i look like a freakshow now. tee hee.

i don’t think it will be wise to go and see the lil miss genie in tha bottle this sun.

unless people think a limping mat with lines jutting into his arm looks cool in this digital age.

sort of like neo in the matrix.

“oh, he’s the one!”

i saw lil children clutch to their moms when they saw me walking to the shop.

oh well, 3 more weeks to go and the bacteria will be ovuh!

just hopefully i wont be like a deranged chris benoit and do a hougang chainsaw massacre.

not good for opposition parties in the future. maybe not even en-blocers will want to buy their land here.

so, has the world changed these past 2 weeks other than paris hilton looking more “mampat”?