what’s going on?

at the rate this is going, this site will be dead before anyone shouts “who cares?!” hah.

so what’s been going on?

1. the trail blazers got the first pick. just when i was putting on rasheed wallace’s jersey constantly and now they’ve got the biggest prize of them all. just, just hopefully they won’t do a sam bowie AGAIN.

2. vigilante drive has some serious slopes yo. i wonder how the manuals can bring themselves up there.

3. i am really, really bad at buying birthday gifts. want to surprise, but kena backfired. as always. but! there’s still hope.

4. it’s only been a year but this house is decomposing like mad. how do i get rid of water stains and sticky floors??

5. pirates 3 was way, way, way disappointing. if part 2 was dodgy, part 3 was miserable. the whole time i was asking, what were they looking for? and why?

6. surprisingly, spidey was quite, entertaining.

7. i hate this viral flu. sometimes it’s up, sometimes its ok. and the pills are beginning to make friends with me.

8. i’ve gained 9 kilos since last year. yee haw.

9. oh! japan is the new venezuela! ayecarumba!

10. i hope i can read this up during lunchtime tomorrow. *nerd*


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