hello world

kampungdusun was created during lunch one day as an avenue to let out sarip’s frustrations. that was four years ago and keyed on a smallish broken down desk running of win 98 se. 🙂

the work was mundane and as such sarip looks forward for lunch time to stare at that cranky pc and write what nonsensical ‘kelakar-tak-menjadi-tales’.

it was one of sarip’s simple pleasures.

in the span of that 4 years, sarip made friends and ties were strengthened, saw lovers come and go, made severe mistakes and relished new experiences. sarip would not have asked for more.

and kampungdusun followed him through and through.

a few weeks back, sarip packed his bags from the place that bore kampungdusun. (somehow) it was a hard decision, he love the friends he made there and “time privileges” it provided him. sarip will always remember all of you and distance will not keep us apart.

thank you everyone. and dev, take care of wilson please. 🙂

except for the insanely early morning wake-ups, lack of ‘rilek-one-corner-type’ and the bulu-roma-scary environment, the new place is fitting me well. sarip hopes for well.

and yes, you. thank you. :*


btw, lagnaa at upper dickson road is simply fab. good food, service and aura.  a great replacement after the closure of om’s cafe.


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