lemonade and baking pies

the best band at the moment will be releasing the new album “boxer” on may 22. read from somewhere that sufjan stevens will guest on pianos on 2 of the tracks. how stoked is that?!

i am still trying to convince matt and gang that singapore has its fans after last email conversation. aidal pun aidal lah, asalkan diaorang datang sini and kita jadi groupie lagi…

“…if they aren’t already, the national are your new favorite band. this isn’t a suggestion, just a statement of fact.”

Hellfire. says:
Hellfire. says:
i give you new one lar.
boxer says:
Hellfire. says:
aidil is not so stunning as Thomas
Hellfire. says:
ahahah Thomas ok?
boxer says:
thomas is so not mat.
Hellfire. says:
Hellfire. says:
now ok liao
boxer says:
can lah, but 4 syllabus quite hard for some pple.
Hellfire. says:
then ppl can shorten it. call you masaidil
boxer says:

tch 🙂


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