i’m a cyborg but that’s not ok

reading mollymeek’s post really makes the sentiment rise (further) that it may not be a worth to stay put in kambingpura. we have leaders who can only think of economic values and nothing else and residents who follows without retreat. it’s mind numbing till it’s ridicolously irritating.

people will say why leave when considering IT has all the amenities, peace and what nots that can make life comfortable. sarip begs to differ. sarip feels he is living in a company, not a country. sarip feels he’s living as an employee whose headcount is not needed. he cringes at the sight of people sucking up to the “managers”. people may say it is a neccessary mode of life and it may be not as good as other places, but sarip sees these people as programmed cyborg beings who has been hypnotized by material comfort.

in a few years time and free from current responsibilities, sarip will look behind and kiss the land goodbye. hopefully, he won’t spit at it too.

but at least he still love trees.

and can rain get any more cooler? haha.


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