youths off to daze

Art House

The kids will make it happen we’re starting a new way
people helping people In the world today
Physically strong morally straight positive youth
We’re the Youth Of Today !
Never fight with each other
use our heads before our fists
then we’ll kick down all the barriers
of hate and prejudice
live fast die young
was just a fad
for a bunch of losers
who didn’t care
I’m gonna live my life
breathe every breath
look towards the future
and move straight ahead

it’s been awhile. but never too late.

robert smith and gang are coming on august 1st. aww, what a nice birthday gift. *hint* no, no, no sarip won’t repeat a mogwai last time last.

but before that, there’s still sick of it all and nofx coming over.

what IS wrong with this place..haha..a good wrong.

banksy graphs are cool, but his are beautiful.

i want.


3 thoughts on “youths off to daze

  1. Youth of Today, is it a mat song? Haha.

    It is no wonder that you asked me to switch to the autumn-winter theme. Because you have changed yours too. Warauz.

    So who is the ego one? *grins* I had my doubts when you did not mind me having the same theme as yours.

    Anyway, think I’m starting to like a white background since yours is a darker one. Mmmmmmm.

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