grate full

life works in mysterious ways.
the more you look out for it,
the distant it becomes
and then when you least expected it
it comes
in multiples of 3.



3 thoughts on “grate full

  1. Hello! *trumpets blown*

    I actually wrote you a comment while signed in to my wordpress but jinx-ly, it did not appear. Now I shall try to remember:

    Anyways, I am glad for you. Amin. Sigh, when will it be my turn. (As always, I have to be a part of the story.)

    As for your need to find someone nice to replace you, I shall ask my sister tonight. BUT no promises. She might get too emotionally caught up with the demands of the job.

  2. Sorry-arh babe. My sister would love to take over your place but then she can only leave Abacus after June- she does not want to lose out on the June bonus.

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