genius + love = yo la tengo


Originally uploaded by kampungdusun.

i’ve to admit. i didn’t really catch most of the stuff from the trio. quite a number of tunes from ‘i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass’ are played and ‘pass the hatchet, i think i’m goodkind’ rocks to the mutherload. there were some diehard ones who had somehow seen god, but i guess most came just to see “the last of the visionary bands” around, as explained by a certain ms fiona. who the hell is that chick? “hi, my name is fiona!” haha. dah macam standup comedy act sial.

still, some of the songs played out were meandering, self-indulgently jammy and generally not very entertaining. there were moments of greatness but on the whole – and it’s a large whole, they play LONG – more disappointing than transcendent. especially when you have the worst seats in the house. $500 million and the best they can give you are the pak awang seats. yangtze cinemas pun tak seteruk sey. now, the backs hurt really baaaaaad.

the photos (still) turn out really bad. what’s new? 🙂 but beb, that charles  chri$ is really one hell of a riot. i will wait for ‘pan the mo ne yummm’ to be played out to the public. as long as you don’t have to be at the door to collect gate receipts.


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