sharing different heartbeats in one night

Originally uploaded by kampungdusun.

jose gonzalez’s show was a bit sombre. he even mis-prick on ‘heartbeats’. *gasp* but at least he was friendly enough for “boyband” chasing fans who pursued him in the middle of nowhere. and eyeliners have never become so useful till now. 🙂 at least on my part.

i was expecting for “love will tear us apart” but at least “teardrop”, “hints”, “stay in the shade” and “crosses” were spot on. (surprisingly) the acoustics were a tad good too.

all in all, everyone said the backup singer is too cute to resist. that’s all.

nanang finally got married. congrats eh kau. jangan nakal nakal lagi. and kalau boleh jangan “torture” budak budak ns lagi tau. nanti bini marah.

btw, news came in the rapture are going to perform at zouk on 7th april. wowowee.

ok, that’s all. it’s yo la tengo day!


4 thoughts on “sharing different heartbeats in one night

  1. Firstly his nose not big. Don’t get karma-ed like Earl.
    Also lucky we got pen.
    And today we go boyband chase Yo La Tengo.
    Finally that girl never email you yet?

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