lemonade and baking pies

the best band at the moment will be releasing the new album “boxer” on may 22. read from somewhere that sufjan stevens will guest on pianos on 2 of the tracks. how stoked is that?!

i am still trying to convince matt and gang that singapore has its fans after last email conversation. aidal pun aidal lah, asalkan diaorang datang sini and kita jadi groupie lagi…

“…if they aren’t already, the national are your new favorite band. this isn’t a suggestion, just a statement of fact.”

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telefon tel aviv


maybe it’s best that enguhland don’t qualify. or at best, mclaren and frank lampard gets “sacked”, pakistani cricket style.

it’s 4 am and i can’t sleep. the effects of no sleep during the weekend. or maybe i’ve mastered the art of power napping.

or been reading too much on how a cat managed to break the iBook security. the world these days…

and in response to the pulau kapas proposer, thanks! perhentian *at last* we be going! (unless some major screw up appears, which tends to crop in sarip’s world…)

lancong kena lencong

baru ingatkan bleh gi enjoy enjoy memandang ke arah laut biru biru sama main main kat pantai pasir putih putih tanpa orang kelihatan yang kepo kepo boleh terjun dari jeti terus selam dalam air main main ngan ikan macam dalam taim si cewek ginette tuh pergi…….skali orang dia cakap semua tempat dah fully booked kaper. nasib macam kutu babi sey.

nota dalam fikiran: lain kali kalau nak gi rawa, book siang siang 2 bulan in advanced!

skarang otak ngah bingung. mana lagi lah tempat yang gerek, yang sunyi sepi, yang takde banyak orang dan takde tempat shopping shopping. pulau tinggi is out, aur pun out, pulau besar dia nye resort dah tutup kaper tapi website masih up buatkan naik harapan saja. so howwww liddat…



two words:- feckin’ brilliant!

i’m a cyborg but that’s not ok

reading mollymeek’s post really makes the sentiment rise (further) that it may not be a worth to stay put in kambingpura. we have leaders who can only think of economic values and nothing else and residents who follows without retreat. it’s mind numbing till it’s ridicolously irritating.

people will say why leave when considering IT has all the amenities, peace and what nots that can make life comfortable. sarip begs to differ. sarip feels he is living in a company, not a country. sarip feels he’s living as an employee whose headcount is not needed. he cringes at the sight of people sucking up to the “managers”. people may say it is a neccessary mode of life and it may be not as good as other places, but sarip sees these people as programmed cyborg beings who has been hypnotized by material comfort.

in a few years time and free from current responsibilities, sarip will look behind and kiss the land goodbye. hopefully, he won’t spit at it too.

but at least he still love trees.

and can rain get any more cooler? haha.

youths off to daze

Art House

The kids will make it happen we’re starting a new way
people helping people In the world today
Physically strong morally straight positive youth
We’re the Youth Of Today !
Never fight with each other
use our heads before our fists
then we’ll kick down all the barriers
of hate and prejudice
live fast die young
was just a fad
for a bunch of losers
who didn’t care
I’m gonna live my life
breathe every breath
look towards the future
and move straight ahead

it’s been awhile. but never too late.

robert smith and gang are coming on august 1st. aww, what a nice birthday gift. *hint* no, no, no sarip won’t repeat a mogwai last time last.

but before that, there’s still sick of it all and nofx coming over.

what IS wrong with this place..haha..a good wrong.

banksy graphs are cool, but his are beautiful.

i want.

for years and years i chased this day and they were always for you

The Album Leaf

i didn’t manage to capture james lavelle in full. but at least clementine the clickwheel has his trademark. 🙂

thank you, thank you for always for you. the most beautiful tune (for now).

it has been a truly wonderful week. lovely surprises in bits and tunes to accompany.

maybe sarip has tendered and he loves you all.

(he) comes in peace by piece.

Zis wiiiz spaaahtaaah!

it’s time to face reality. sarip is getting faaaaaaaaat big time. the cheeks are like ballooning and the tubby is representing fat disposed tires. blame it on late night binging, and those sweet malts of you know you know.

this. has. to. stop.

especially after watching those spartans with the bulk and strrrrrrreeeengtth. solid to tha mutha but the training is brutal yo. badan macam tuh baru bleh smack daddy get on the floor. heh.

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genius + love = yo la tengo


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i’ve to admit. i didn’t really catch most of the stuff from the trio. quite a number of tunes from ‘i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass’ are played and ‘pass the hatchet, i think i’m goodkind’ rocks to the mutherload. there were some diehard ones who had somehow seen god, but i guess most came just to see “the last of the visionary bands” around, as explained by a certain ms fiona. who the hell is that chick? “hi, my name is fiona!” haha. dah macam standup comedy act sial.

still, some of the songs played out were meandering, self-indulgently jammy and generally not very entertaining. there were moments of greatness but on the whole – and it’s a large whole, they play LONG – more disappointing than transcendent. especially when you have the worst seats in the house. $500 million and the best they can give you are the pak awang seats. yangtze cinemas pun tak seteruk sey. now, the backs hurt really baaaaaad.

the photos (still) turn out really bad. what’s new? 🙂 but beb, that charles  chri$ is really one hell of a riot. i will wait for ‘pan the mo ne yummm’ to be played out to the public. as long as you don’t have to be at the door to collect gate receipts.

sharing different heartbeats in one night

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jose gonzalez’s show was a bit sombre. he even mis-prick on ‘heartbeats’. *gasp* but at least he was friendly enough for “boyband” chasing fans who pursued him in the middle of nowhere. and eyeliners have never become so useful till now. 🙂 at least on my part.

i was expecting for “love will tear us apart” but at least “teardrop”, “hints”, “stay in the shade” and “crosses” were spot on. (surprisingly) the acoustics were a tad good too.

all in all, everyone said the backup singer is too cute to resist. that’s all.

nanang finally got married. congrats eh kau. jangan nakal nakal lagi. and kalau boleh jangan “torture” budak budak ns lagi tau. nanti bini marah.

btw, news came in the rapture are going to perform at zouk on 7th april. wowowee.

ok, that’s all. it’s yo la tengo day!

o my god, it’s marched

i had a dream last night.

and standing on top of the red, white and blue confetti was an ang moh waving to the crowd. They were ecstatic and delirious. the star spangled banner was waved and played with screens of voting scores splashed throughout the hall. the red line edges out the blue by a very considerable margin.

i looked up. and rudy giuliani smiled.


it’s a tad frustrating tau to watch a whole season and then it just, ends. and then keeps us pondering and waiting for april. apa nih? these broadcasters all got influenced by indon dramas or wat?

but at least ali larter’s hawt.




little secrets tremors

wah, wah.

dengar dengar orang shenton way banyak kena evacuate. terdengar kat tepon sampai ada orang terpekik siots. tension betul sidituh ye tak ye. pekik kot. tapi sarip kat sini muram pasal banyak tempat dapat tremor tapi dia nye tempat takde so takbleh evacuate itu bangunan so can action tak yah buat keje. :<

***Students from St. Andrew’s Village, Potong Pasir, were dismissed when the school’s emergency action plan swung into action. Students were gathered at the field and all classes were dismissed. Tests schedule for today were also postponed to a later date. Checks to ensure the safety of the school building were also carried out.  nabeh. slack sia. liddat oso can cancel class. highland towers pun i dun think serabak like this. they built the school from clay ijjit?

tapi at least tak sedisappointed lepas tengok itu discovery channel nye dokumenteri supervolcano realities of yada yada apocalypse. dari dia nye gazet, macam menarik, pasal nak tengok jugak camnuh supervolcano bleh meletup. so apa lagi sarip gi jugaklah tonton itu citer. mula mula ingatkan orang orang yang dia interviu tuh memang betul pasal dia letak “ex governor of wisconsin”. skali tengok lebih sikit heran plak, asal si gabenor nih bebual dia cam dia acting. skali memang betul lah. itu dokumenteri rupanya satu aksi fiktion ajer. haiz. semua gerak geri dia diaorang buat cam drama. apa nih. ni kan saluran dokumenteri, asal kena buat citer cam tuh. lebih mulia kan tengok day after tomorrow. tuh takper, rancangan dia satu jam, part yang meletup macam satu saat ajer lepas tuh credits dia kluar. apa siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. buang current sama steam sey tengok tuh benda. kena tipu sampai habis habis sey.

tapi takper. at least tak amik gambar camnih – pointless family photo of the year.


bontot baik tuh.

mat champion


sarip rarely love musicals. he does not gettit how to diffuse and interprete the songs into a storyline. he finds it a taaaaaaaaaad confusing ya’know. but then, now is the season for “evolution” kan, so he might give it a chance. so, that mat champion thingamagic is a bit appealing to him. and nice poster too. sarip have always like the mat delta’s works, the way he blends the black and white tones with little breathing space. and about that phantom of the opera thingy….

as for liverpool, sarip was so disappointed last saturday. so very very sey. sarip does not know what else to pick up on them. 14 shots, 11 corners, countless of possession..but no freaking goal. the moment that bellamy scored the disallowed goal where sarip as usual was jumping up and down and hugging anonymous strangers, sarip realised a bad omen was coming. and apparently, it did. sarip says the curse of carlsberg will always suffice. think about that.

oh ye tak ye, hari tuh ada lagi kes orang nak buat eksen bunuh diri kat woodlands mrt. lu mau mampos ke tuh gua tak kisah beb. tapi ilek jek lah, asal lah ko nak buat kat mrt jek.tak semua orang ada kweta tau nak gi sana nak gi sini. apa kata:-

1. minum todi mama yang sampai 60% alkohol tuh lepas tuh hidu gam. simple dan murah. logistik pun senang nak angkat.

2. terjun dari rumah. simple. tapi bila terjun, jangan pekik, can? unless ko jangan jadi cam member sarip komplen dia tak bleh suicide pasal dia tinggal tingkat satu.

3. hempap muka ngan bantal bucuk. at least mati kat katil, jadi senang sikit. tak kotor sangat.

4. yang paling klassik. gantung diri sendiri. tapi ni susah sikit pasal kena cari tali yang lebih bagus dan kena cari drill per nak kena screw dia nye holder.

5. kalau nak yang paling daring, hentakkan diri kat live cable. tapi yang tak bagus, nanti hangus plak badan ko. susah tuh nanti.

tapi kalau ko tetap nak fear factor style kat mrt, apa kata ko buat kat lrt. bagus jugak tuh benda. tak susah sangat, lagi pun sapa nak pakai sangat tuh lrt..jangan cam kes dulu sudah lah, si lrt tuh asik rosak ajer. tak glamer kan, ko nak bunuh diri skali dia nye train nak datang dia stop.

kan kalu korang buat camni, lebih senang kat orang ramai. takyah kena panggil tuh lah ni lah, buatkan orang susah kelam kabut. mintak2 parlimen akan bentangkan isu nih, kan?

ok dah tuh ajer.