lemonade and baking pies

the best band at the moment will be releasing the new album “boxer” on may 22. read from somewhere that sufjan stevens will guest on pianos on 2 of the tracks. how stoked is that?!

i am still trying to convince matt and gang that singapore has its fans after last email conversation. aidal pun aidal lah, asalkan diaorang datang sini and kita jadi groupie lagi…

“…if they aren’t already, the national are your new favorite band. this isn’t a suggestion, just a statement of fact.”

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telefon tel aviv


maybe it’s best that enguhland don’t qualify. or at best, mclaren and frank lampard gets “sacked”, pakistani cricket style.

it’s 4 am and i can’t sleep. the effects of no sleep during the weekend. or maybe i’ve mastered the art of power napping.

or been reading too much on how a cat managed to break the iBook security. the world these days…

and in response to the pulau kapas proposer, thanks! perhentian *at last* we be going! (unless some major screw up appears, which tends to crop in sarip’s world…)

lancong kena lencong

baru ingatkan bleh gi enjoy enjoy memandang ke arah laut biru biru sama main main kat pantai pasir putih putih tanpa orang kelihatan yang kepo kepo boleh terjun dari jeti terus selam dalam air main main ngan ikan macam dalam taim si cewek ginette tuh pergi…….skali orang dia cakap semua tempat dah fully booked kaper. nasib macam kutu babi sey.

nota dalam fikiran: lain kali kalau nak gi rawa, book siang siang 2 bulan in advanced!

skarang otak ngah bingung. mana lagi lah tempat yang gerek, yang sunyi sepi, yang takde banyak orang dan takde tempat shopping shopping. pulau tinggi is out, aur pun out, pulau besar dia nye resort dah tutup kaper tapi website masih up buatkan naik harapan saja. so howwww liddat…



two words:- feckin’ brilliant!

i’m a cyborg but that’s not ok

reading mollymeek’s post really makes the sentiment rise (further) that it may not be a worth to stay put in kambingpura. we have leaders who can only think of economic values and nothing else and residents who follows without retreat. it’s mind numbing till it’s ridicolously irritating.

people will say why leave when considering IT has all the amenities, peace and what nots that can make life comfortable. sarip begs to differ. sarip feels he is living in a company, not a country. sarip feels he’s living as an employee whose headcount is not needed. he cringes at the sight of people sucking up to the “managers”. people may say it is a neccessary mode of life and it may be not as good as other places, but sarip sees these people as programmed cyborg beings who has been hypnotized by material comfort.

in a few years time and free from current responsibilities, sarip will look behind and kiss the land goodbye. hopefully, he won’t spit at it too.

but at least he still love trees.

and can rain get any more cooler? haha.

youths off to daze

Art House

The kids will make it happen we’re starting a new way
people helping people In the world today
Physically strong morally straight positive youth
We’re the Youth Of Today !
Never fight with each other
use our heads before our fists
then we’ll kick down all the barriers
of hate and prejudice
live fast die young
was just a fad
for a bunch of losers
who didn’t care
I’m gonna live my life
breathe every breath
look towards the future
and move straight ahead

it’s been awhile. but never too late.

robert smith and gang are coming on august 1st. aww, what a nice birthday gift. *hint* no, no, no sarip won’t repeat a mogwai last time last.

but before that, there’s still sick of it all and nofx coming over.

what IS wrong with this place..haha..a good wrong.

banksy graphs are cool, but his are beautiful.

i want.

for years and years i chased this day and they were always for you

The Album Leaf

i didn’t manage to capture james lavelle in full. but at least clementine the clickwheel has his trademark. 🙂

thank you, thank you for always for you. the most beautiful tune (for now).

it has been a truly wonderful week. lovely surprises in bits and tunes to accompany.

maybe sarip has tendered and he loves you all.

(he) comes in peace by piece.