pound (the) puppies

i’ve always love cats. each time a stray or a domesticated one appears i will do the “tch tch tch” lizard sound to attract their attention. i’ve calculated at most 1 out of 10 will do the manja prance and cuddle the calfs thingy. i like. but other times, they’ll just look scared with their eyeballs almost popping out and then they’ll do the flintstones’ run. the nerve!

so today while walking home feeing feeling lagu EITS kan, i saw this uncle and a cute ah lian laughing and running about at the void deck. i wonder why but the ah lian is cute like that korean actress lah kan. so feeling feeling lebih….until last i realised she was playing with this group of 5 puppies. yes. F-I-V-E. five notorious devils trapped in a furball. i can still hear their woof shrieks screaming out for attention. and they will run to anything that moves. at that very moment, i felt like a criminal target with a red dot aimed directly at me. those freaks. are. coming. towards. me.

apa lagi. i quicken the steps lah. but these gremlins like can sense kan your intentions so diaorang pun angkat kaki yo. woof woof woof terus. in my mind apa kapahluak ni setan kejar aku siol. takkan diaorang ingatkan aku ni bapak diaorang. i saw one approaching very near, but pasal nak menten cool to the ah lian and perservering the uncle’s sanity, i did not kick the nose lah kan. bahrom said to kick them noses if those furballs come approaching you. so, i just swing ajer lah the leg…..until all 5 cornered me siol to one corner. wtf?! the last i need is for a puppy to jump like milo and waiting for me to throw a ball and shout “FETCH BIATCH!” in the middle of the night. but while trying to regain my sanity lah kan, cute plak ni benda laknat.

i kid you not, they look like those but pound puppies they are not.

so luckily lah the ah lian came and saved the day. aku pun apa lagi, woof pitbull style kat diaorang. kecut sikit. tapi nasi dah menjadi bubur.

haiz, desire for the pussys, the biatches plak datang mengejar. nasib, nasib…

dat’s all for sarip’s daily hikayat…


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