you are the chink in my amor

it was supposed to be a weekend screaming for starlights and hysteria. but alas, it was not meant to be. i hope you guys had a good time at merdeka stadium.

scarlett looks HAWT in that whatcomesaroundgoesaround video. but then most said she looked like a biatch on steroids or she can only potray as one in all her appearences. however as all things in universe, sarips drools over her. anytime. everytime. and so it came to the theme for this weekend. which is…

..the perenial scarlet’s weekend show marathon. oh, how lame can this be. since ch5 was showing lost in translation – which i still don’t gettit but her butt looks great and the soundtrax is dope – sarip continued the excursion with the island, match point, in good company and the prestige. should’ve got the black dahlia too. damn.


sarip didn’t understand how come the island flopped. there were rumors that the film execs blame that the film does not have *major* stars init. all sarip can say is that michael bay films normally (suck). match point was, of course, excellent. even though this is the 3rd viewing but scarlet making out (with wet-tshirt!) in the open field is always, refreshing. in good company was very lo key and subtle but dennis quaid excels as the cool dad everyone wishes they have.

the prestige was without in doubt excellent. damn blardy excellent. and yeah, she potrayed the same ‘ol same ‘ol mistress in need of a mattress. but the twists and turns and the excellent casting of christian bale (yey), hugh jackman, michale caine AND david bowie (whoots) provide layers in the storyline. of course, who is not better than chris nolan to execute this type of drama. funny it did not take off as big in singapore when it was screened here. but knowingly (majority) singaporeans have better things to do than watching good shows…

so yeah another weekend wasted slobbing of the lcd. luckily it is (another) long weekend. ah and yes screenbox did not pick up any awards. (haha) no offense to those (still) working there, but yeah, i think a lot of people do not want to see mr soojeemeek jumping up and down with glee.

plus, tomorrow’s the oscars. ah yes. another excuse to (sort of) make up for the off day. 4 hours of non-combustible flattery. but at least i want to see how ryan goosling is going to make up his hair. so can copy, if only. then again, oscars being oscars it’s gonna be a drag and predictable. at least popmatters have a direct perspective on a better list. now, where to get that children of men film….

oh and arsenal lost. :<


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