sarip twas so stoked he could not be bothered to go to work. jumping up and down at 545 in the morning is not a welcomed morning call for the neighbour downstairs.

i think the man of the match award should be given to steve finnan, that matt damon doppleganger. people rarely acknowledged that he has a very deft right foot. that cross for the first goal was very beckhamesque and if mr sarong party guy had crossed that ball, millions of people will relish his “supreme” ability, but then sarip always preferred low profile personalities. but who was that no. 2? another spanish playa?? i wonder how many more spaniards papa benitez is bringing in. not good.

brian tracy said that if you don’t have the desire to do it, just quit. fast. so, yeah.

sarip has always love cats. and lately, lots of cats have been appearing in the news.

that smug. extra the cat has extra toes. at this rate, sarip will be bringing whitey the cat upstairs. 🙂

trust messia’s gahmen heads to introduce ideas that are out of this world. last after the adopt-a-rempit scheme to reduce the mat rempit syndrome, now comes the mat skoding fenomena. serious, no shite. i can just imagine kids saying, when i grow up, i wanna be a mat skoding. cool…messia, truly asia.


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