everyone desires a mac. c’mon admit it.

tapi kalau komponi ada sikit masaelah ngan budget, we’ve to make do with the grand d(l)ame PC. listening to the “ding ding diiiiiiing” welcoming sound of windows can put off the desires of a soul seh.

but, in the tradition of *pimp my ride* (which admitedly i am addicted to somehow, somehow so so much for me being anti-mtv), something’s gotta give. the pc has to be pimped!

and so let us welcome flyakiteosx. maybe i am so backwatered kan because this thing has been around for a year and plus, but better late than never kan?


dear vista, you can go to hell……

now that’s what i called being pimped! surprisingly kan, the apps did not lag and at times, it even runs better than before. openoffice and photoshop runs without much of a hitch and the dock runs smoothly. so thanks flyakite for pimping my screen! now if only the tower box can be upped too….

in other news lifehacker has a profile on how to hack your ipod without using itunes. nice.

and lastly, this guy is really giving murals a new genre.

ok i think now is smoking break time….


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