danke schoen

i feel best at 4 am-ish. everyone’s asleep and their souls are flying everywhere. possible in fate i can be a dreamcatcher. πŸ™‚

well but at least at the end of the day i’ve witnessed those boys from brooklyn live on stage before i die, or pertinently before they themselves. and it’s true oh yes it’s true i did lose my mind that time. but ch-ch-ch-ch-chk it out wats wif the deal of the scene kids doing bodysurfing yo? but let’s try not to be bothered wiffat though jo’s screaming to an ang moh scared the shite out of him. his balls mmmmmmm…drop!

ok enough of the cliche slang.

i think adrock looks damn fine for a 40 year old. he looks slick oh yeah. *twiddles* but the young punks, paris hilton wannabees and that ang moh kid with his big bag who keeps going in and out of the crowd (like wtf?!) may not be bothered about paul’s boutique and tibetan chants. highlight for real was definately when the riffs for sabotage came out, and oh yes i feel young all over again.

ahhh, the joys of ’94 relived in ’07. it’s about damn bloody time.

i was actually hoping for in a world gone mad and an open letter to nyc to be played, but luckily root down, intergalactic, 3 mcs and 1 dj, brass monkey and of course no sleep ’til brooklyn brought down the house.

gripes? let’s restrict any event, if possible, to above 21 can? $8 for a can with the longest queue? and wat’s tha deal with the longggggg soundcheck? but the cicada’s singer is cute like bayek kan.

still it’s ok. i am still a happy camper. see ya when i see ya.


8 thoughts on “danke schoen

  1. enah: he looks familiar, and he thought me too! muka poster aku rasa.

    kunyit west: aku melompat macam kera minum todi.

    fatohnah fasolah: ok, try cubit diri sendiri sampai lebam. :>

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