happy valentwines

another reason to skive (more) at work.

democracy internet tv

Internet TV

go. download. it.

i’ve been blowing balloons (purples are very nice) the whole day, and reading news articles. it bores me to the brink of death that i even strive myself to read articles on american idol.

maybe if i acquire one of these diseases that can give me superhuman powers.

her dress was fantaboulous i see. she’d lost weight, tremendously, and oh those eyes glitter with sparkles lah. funny, it’s been a year but the good mentor says, ‘thou shall not do a colleague’ is embedded permanently. *ting!*

i wonder how long cafe del mar will survive here. those bedstyles are coolio like warren g.

but then the amount of typical typicals sprouting on these shores is escalating like wildfire, it’s disturbing. and we point out to the main culprit:- mendaki. go figure.

as for now, let’s take an afternoon nap before proceeding to 6pm.

c ya.


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