sweden is the new scotland

something must be going on that land up way north. besides land full of blondes, the massages and henrik larson, it’s music department is bursting way out of its seams. last before jensamania and gonzalizza is settled on kmpngdsn, here comes pb&j and loney, dear. young folks and i am john are spinning non stop on clementine the clickwheel.

for those interested, the lagu lagu blog has some downloads. for those really crazy for more swedes, hello surprise has some more. for those who are really crazy for ikea, please jump off from the 10th storey. thank you very much.

this is a major case of stockholm syndrome. god bless the swedes.

hopefully it is not the cause of this though.


lain kali gi hard rock, baik baik.

btw, somehow, somehow! the album leaf’s show has been *extended*. hooray!

yes, at last something has been said about the doves’ campaign for real beauty. in typical kmpngdsn style, that marketing dovetail is full of bollocks okay? at the end of the day the awareness of the brand and increase interest in sales IS the main objective, no matter how good their intents and purposes are. so, try not to provoke those emotions, can?


3 thoughts on “sweden is the new scotland

  1. Loney, Dear dengan PB&J memang best. Jangan lupa Sweden jugak tempat metal gila and music teeny bopper macam A*Teens dengan Ace of Base (old-skool!)

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