paul masefield, yer the mace

i just have to do this.

paul masefield was sungguh bersemangat on sportscentre. he was arguing that a small country like cheengapore needs to import players so as the sports scene will thrive further here as the natural pop cannot compete in terms of numbers with the region.


first case in point kan mr mase, your thighs are huge so please don’t wear shorts ok on tv?

second of all, yer a foreigner. it takes for a foreigner to come and reside in another country, it takes another to tell that it is advisable that the foreigners are the saviours of et al. and collette wong, yer comments are so bimbotic sans the glasses.

the topic of singapore cherry picking foreign talent has somewhat give results to the sporting scene. but how viable of success and satisfaction does it really gives to the singaporeans themselves?

just take a look at the first of the lot in egmar goncalves. only like say a few years ago, he was proclaiming to be very proud to be a singaporean after residing here for more than 10 years. besar hati jugak. he is proud of representing the *country* and will do his best to bring it to another level.

and then he’s leaving after 12 years.

so much for being proud to reprezent.

this is the problem with imported talents representing the country. they may have the skills, they may have the stature, the may have the competitive edge over some locals, but are their hearts sowed into the roots of the country? how can we be sure when times are bad, their love and desire for singapore will stay permanent? people may argue that even locals will migrate out of the country, but have anyone thought of them to represent the another country?

short cut methods of importing talents are not the way to go. full stop. the achivements will feel fake and souless. it even contrives to a form of cheating sey. just look at the starting line yesterday. 5 freaking players are foreigners. helloooooo??? no wonder a lot of the region neighbours are membebeling.

if you ask me if we are to still cherry pick foreign talents to represent, make sure that fella sign an indemnity form that states he/she will never leave the country even after he/she retires, no matter what. we’ve given them the opportunity to let them play, they might bloody as hell stay put here. only then shall we know if they’re interested inplaying for the country, and not for them to earn a fast buck and leave when the storn comes approaching.

and please mr mase, zidane left algeria not because he wants to represent france, the family left because of economical issues. an alien immigrant in fact. in fact most of them french players. i don’t see in anyhow the gahmen here allows aliens to reside here knowingly kan they are not in the *glamour white collar* categories.

let’s go back to the spirit of sport and not winning the trophy at all cost. they did say kan, winning is not everything?


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