a typical post from a mat whose lung has been induced


dear mr moores and mr parry and mr benitez,

if you say that women are considered to be very fickle minded, let me digress. your inability to make a firm decision and topsy turvy reactions makes john kerry’s hair looked very george clooney-ish.

it took months, months for you to finally decide the dic deal is dead. what does it have to take for someone, or anyone, to make a deal that is suitable to lfc? the state of siberia, or the whole land piece of antartica? let’s list down on the suitors shall we:- steve morgan, robert kraft, dic, now this gilette dude and not to forget singapore’s very own favourite son, thaksin. are you too selfish to let go of your family’s fortune, mr moores? if you are, then stop this shitty piece of business laundering that not only will affect the fans, but the fans’ fans too. :S

remember, liverpool is not like the liverpool of the 80s. we are not as big as we like it to be, so deal with it. there is not even a player from the academy that has prospered into the first team in the last 6 years. that is the direction that is supposed to be materialised, not an upscaling desire to explode the number of attendees at the stadium.

and mr benitez, the respect that has been given to you has been lowered down like a a titanic on morphine. you complain that everton are a small team who was only interested in not wanting to lose. as far as i can remember, countless of times in cup games your team has 8 defenders in away ties, trying its best to just stop the opponent from kicking a ball. don’t blame the opponent when you’re placing the most incompatible striker in peter crouch as your main striker when you are putting dirk kuyt way out on the left. it’s a lucky fact that this person did not throw his glass each time he sees crouch dropping to the ground at the slightest of touches. his strength is equivalent to a bunch of travestites at orchard towers who melts at the sight of money. just.throw.him.out.

bah, let’s just hope the superbowl is only going to get better tmrw morning. off day!


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