the following takes place on broadband

hello kids!

are you a busy one? working 9 to 9? no time to rilek? no time to watch tv? always arguing with your family members because you want to watch cnn but the bahrum insists watch ing rtm1 and then keep complaining why messia ________________?

not to worry! the intuhnet has 3 quick ways to watch tv for FREE! for FREE!

eat that mediacork!

now let’s return watching jack bauer defying everything in sight.


pound (the) puppies

i’ve always love cats. each time a stray or a domesticated one appears i will do the “tch tch tch” lizard sound to attract their attention. i’ve calculated at most 1 out of 10 will do the manja prance and cuddle the calfs thingy. i like. but other times, they’ll just look scared with their eyeballs almost popping out and then they’ll do the flintstones’ run. the nerve!

so today while walking home feeing feeling lagu EITS kan, i saw this uncle and a cute ah lian laughing and running about at the void deck. i wonder why but the ah lian is cute like that korean actress lah kan. so feeling feeling lebih….until last i realised she was playing with this group of 5 puppies. yes. F-I-V-E. five notorious devils trapped in a furball. i can still hear their woof shrieks screaming out for attention. and they will run to anything that moves. at that very moment, i felt like a criminal target with a red dot aimed directly at me. those freaks. are. coming. towards. me.

apa lagi. i quicken the steps lah. but these gremlins like can sense kan your intentions so diaorang pun angkat kaki yo. woof woof woof terus. in my mind apa kapahluak ni setan kejar aku siol. takkan diaorang ingatkan aku ni bapak diaorang. i saw one approaching very near, but pasal nak menten cool to the ah lian and perservering the uncle’s sanity, i did not kick the nose lah kan. bahrom said to kick them noses if those furballs come approaching you. so, i just swing ajer lah the leg…..until all 5 cornered me siol to one corner. wtf?! the last i need is for a puppy to jump like milo and waiting for me to throw a ball and shout “FETCH BIATCH!” in the middle of the night. but while trying to regain my sanity lah kan, cute plak ni benda laknat.

i kid you not, they look like those but pound puppies they are not.

so luckily lah the ah lian came and saved the day. aku pun apa lagi, woof pitbull style kat diaorang. kecut sikit. tapi nasi dah menjadi bubur.

haiz, desire for the pussys, the biatches plak datang mengejar. nasib, nasib…

dat’s all for sarip’s daily hikayat…


cat fever on overload.

tori amos is releasing american doll posse on may 1. whatever it is rai, messia is still a country. unless she still insist on breastfeeding a piglet lah kan.

hopefully you’ll not be a nutcase like this tori. he/it is far too gone yah.

slow day….slowwwww dayyyy…

you are the chink in my amor

it was supposed to be a weekend screaming for starlights and hysteria. but alas, it was not meant to be. i hope you guys had a good time at merdeka stadium.

scarlett looks HAWT in that whatcomesaroundgoesaround video. but then most said she looked like a biatch on steroids or she can only potray as one in all her appearences. however as all things in universe, sarips drools over her. anytime. everytime. and so it came to the theme for this weekend. which is…

..the perenial scarlet’s weekend show marathon. oh, how lame can this be. since ch5 was showing lost in translation – which i still don’t gettit but her butt looks great and the soundtrax is dope – sarip continued the excursion with the island, match point, in good company and the prestige. should’ve got the black dahlia too. damn.


sarip didn’t understand how come the island flopped. there were rumors that the film execs blame that the film does not have *major* stars init. all sarip can say is that michael bay films normally (suck). match point was, of course, excellent. even though this is the 3rd viewing but scarlet making out (with wet-tshirt!) in the open field is always, refreshing. in good company was very lo key and subtle but dennis quaid excels as the cool dad everyone wishes they have.

the prestige was without in doubt excellent. damn blardy excellent. and yeah, she potrayed the same ‘ol same ‘ol mistress in need of a mattress. but the twists and turns and the excellent casting of christian bale (yey), hugh jackman, michale caine AND david bowie (whoots) provide layers in the storyline. of course, who is not better than chris nolan to execute this type of drama. funny it did not take off as big in singapore when it was screened here. but knowingly (majority) singaporeans have better things to do than watching good shows…

so yeah another weekend wasted slobbing of the lcd. luckily it is (another) long weekend. ah and yes screenbox did not pick up any awards. (haha) no offense to those (still) working there, but yeah, i think a lot of people do not want to see mr soojeemeek jumping up and down with glee.

plus, tomorrow’s the oscars. ah yes. another excuse to (sort of) make up for the off day. 4 hours of non-combustible flattery. but at least i want to see how ryan goosling is going to make up his hair. so can copy, if only. then again, oscars being oscars it’s gonna be a drag and predictable. at least popmatters have a direct perspective on a better list. now, where to get that children of men film….

oh and arsenal lost. :<

i walked a thousand miles just to slip the skin

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we are always trying to strive
but others are struggling to survive
how can this be
when the news are always be merry
is welfare such a dirty word
when others are not flying like a bird
i don’t know what to say
but at this rate, i may also not have a place to stay
i am scared of staying in singapore
esp when plans to increase the pop to the core
what should i do
what should i brew?
is success our only desire?
when the social economy is drowning in a spitfire
we do not want pitiness
all we need are consiousness
in this pursuit of happiness…


sarip twas so stoked he could not be bothered to go to work. jumping up and down at 545 in the morning is not a welcomed morning call for the neighbour downstairs.

i think the man of the match award should be given to steve finnan, that matt damon doppleganger. people rarely acknowledged that he has a very deft right foot. that cross for the first goal was very beckhamesque and if mr sarong party guy had crossed that ball, millions of people will relish his “supreme” ability, but then sarip always preferred low profile personalities. but who was that no. 2? another spanish playa?? i wonder how many more spaniards papa benitez is bringing in. not good.

brian tracy said that if you don’t have the desire to do it, just quit. fast. so, yeah.

sarip has always love cats. and lately, lots of cats have been appearing in the news.

that smug. extra the cat has extra toes. at this rate, sarip will be bringing whitey the cat upstairs. 🙂

trust messia’s gahmen heads to introduce ideas that are out of this world. last after the adopt-a-rempit scheme to reduce the mat rempit syndrome, now comes the mat skoding fenomena. serious, no shite. i can just imagine kids saying, when i grow up, i wanna be a mat skoding. cool…messia, truly asia.


everyone desires a mac. c’mon admit it.

tapi kalau komponi ada sikit masaelah ngan budget, we’ve to make do with the grand d(l)ame PC. listening to the “ding ding diiiiiiing” welcoming sound of windows can put off the desires of a soul seh.

but, in the tradition of *pimp my ride* (which admitedly i am addicted to somehow, somehow so so much for me being anti-mtv), something’s gotta give. the pc has to be pimped!

and so let us welcome flyakiteosx. maybe i am so backwatered kan because this thing has been around for a year and plus, but better late than never kan?


dear vista, you can go to hell……

now that’s what i called being pimped! surprisingly kan, the apps did not lag and at times, it even runs better than before. openoffice and photoshop runs without much of a hitch and the dock runs smoothly. so thanks flyakite for pimping my screen! now if only the tower box can be upped too….

in other news lifehacker has a profile on how to hack your ipod without using itunes. nice.

and lastly, this guy is really giving murals a new genre.

ok i think now is smoking break time….