pet pet pet pet

first, i need to remind myself to bring the speccies next time. its not a fun thing to do squinting the eyes while trying to figure out where the heck the ball is.

i was rooting for malaysia yesterday night. but being surrounded by a lot of the cheengapour fans, i just kept mum and hold on to my yellow very royal tee in tact. yes yes, so singapore won. on penalties nontheless. it was a disappointing night yesterday, at the way how the fans reacted, how the result went, and what rubbish that was displayed out.

i still dont understand how the national players are paid that much. if you say tt durai was guilty for his peanuts package, then i’ll say indra and co are guilty of the same charges. there was no fluidity, no bite, one way route football. for fuck sake sia, i dont see dat much consecutive passes, and if not for that jia yi and bennett, you guys are pooped. and not surprisingly, they’re foreign talent. the rest, all i can say, you dont deserve what you are paid for. so don’t act yek or something like dat ok? some of them can’t even trap the ball or make a decent pass. it’s a lucky fact that malaysia does not have a decent striker, but their midfield and defense are very coordinated in their fluidity and passing. that thiru guy and nathakumar fella really caught the eye.

worst, i am disappointed with the so called singapore die hard fans. respect the national anthems of both teams godamnit. and for a civilised country who kept reminding the spectators to not smoke in the stadium, vulgarities as a form of cheer is the most fav thing to do. come on, i think the pet pet pet pet butoh is so lame kan. can’t you think of anything else? at least the malaysian fans were singing malaysia boleh with gusto. oh and please dont start with ‘what about the kallang wave?’ it’s shite ok. football is all about passion, fight for the team not shouting vulgarities coordinately when the team is hopelessly shite and then start chirping like mad when they scored and then 2 mins later the pet pet pet thing start again. fuck lah ok? i see moms and dads butohing to the field, and their children looked in horror. maybe they think singaporeans are so repressed, and this is the only opportunity to let it out without worrying lots of policemen nearby apprehending them.

but it’s ok. let the “lions” live for another day. let the thais kick their butts and make indra fall on his face eating the grass so the nike people will scratch their head and thinking why the hell did they signed him up in the first place.


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