some people are so lucky.


everywhere i go, the gong xi song is already on the flow. dang.


sarip’s a horseman. since the year of the biatch (woof.) will be come undone, it’s time for some kermit lurrrvvee with the little miss piggy. now let’s get it on!

Year of The Horse
This is a good year to implement great plans. Even if issues were to arise, they will be resolved in no time. Avoid being too complacent. You still need to take care of details and make contingency plans. Do not be rude to others and forget the pain that you have suffered through yourself. Treasure the good times and maximize it to the full and keep yourself busy. You will be able to get the support from authorities and will be presented many golden opportunities. Look out for unexpected and sudden problems. Remember to save for a rainy day.

sarip can already see $$$ problems come early april. dang.

You will be given many opportunities to develop and grow. Promotions and advancements are in the pipeline. Do not get too greedy and push others to the edge. Be gentle and graceful. You will be showered with more if you could remember how you got successful in the first place.

problem is sarip has a short term memory.

Good wealth luck. However do not be too greedy. Grab your winnings and lay off till the next opportunity comes along.

ok, no genting highland trips.

Stable. For those who are already in a relationship, things will be stable. Singles have a slim chance of meeting the right person this year. However, this is a good year to increase your social circle.

slim shady will be a steady.

Be weary about illnesses that attack suddenly such as heart attacks and strokes. You will tend to be more accident-prone. Do not participate in activities that involve high risk.

cue: do not engage to 5th gear.

Remember to be humble and do not say things that you will regret later and do not make enemies.

i think this happens anytime of the year, in any year. šŸ™‚

so….what’s yours?


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