bulls on parade don’t tire me

the times are a-changing man.

technology’s so high, even the pornos have to get by.

Jesse Jane, one of the industry’s biggest stars, plans to go under the knife next month to deal with one side effect of high-definition. The images are so clear that Ms. Jane’s breast implants, from an operation six years ago, can be seen bulging oddly on screen.

“I’m having my breasts redone because of HD,” she said.

if ya tell me, i still prefer the vhs, petain road style. haha. to hell with hd, who needs a screen that costs more (for now) just to have to look at something that is *clearer*?

but the time’s are really a-changing. just because the fave nu-politico rockers from the 90s are back. yes, the rumours are true. zach de la rocha, tom morello, brad wilk and tim commerford are reuniting yo!

you say who?


it’s the evil empire, rage against the machine that’s who! the reunion will take place at the coachella fest in apr. hopefully zamri bogey wont be doing his bombtrack thing again upon hearing this, if you get the drift. :]

but then tom brady and the pats lost in the afc finals. just when i was thinking of doing this.




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