tram no 7 sends me to heaven

Originally uploaded by kampungdusun.

first up, thank you to ain, troubadours and junk for bringing in jens last saturday. and it was nice jumpa kamu after all these years. 🙂

ok sarip’s gonna sound like a fanboy in the next few lines so bear with it.

“…i admire a country who is passionate for its badminton.” – jens

i’ve never encountered an artiste that is so down-to-earth, witty, quirky, no pretensions what not. at first sarip thought you are one mat salleh maner entah tengok sana tengok sini.

you mingled with all of us, accepting our requests and my god, those hands are soft. what meatballs have they been feeding the swedes?

“…i think tonight’s the most photographed night i had, ever.”

sarip’s been listening to your songs for the past year and a half, and all the lyrics are memorised and touched. *dweeb* so when black cab, you are the light, maple leaves, i saw her at the anti-war demonstration, i don’t know if she’s worth 900kr, pocketful of money and julie were played out, sarip just striked out one of the things he want to experience in his life, per se. (it’s quite a big deal lah)

“…everyone has a personal boundary so do understand.”

it was a wonderful trip. met some new friends and having an iranian as your room-mate was something new. all the best hassan for the future.

by the way, since messia is having their tourism year this year, lots of guesthouses have been spruced up. if yer on a budget or could not stand pudgy hotels, do visit the haven guesthouse. just my 2 cents.

and to top it off what more can you ask for. liverpool and arsenal won and the scum and chavs lost. nice.

ok dah.


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