no’ones gonna take me alive, the time has come to make things right

i think…

1. 4000 people will call in sick today.

2. 10000 people will post or comment on ‘how-did-you-lose-your-wallet/phone/breathe-yesterday?’

3. why sarip keeps shouting for hypermusic but never materialised :<

4. indon ceweks are still hot, better still if they are wearing red devil horns on their heads though it is still a mystery as how it is related to yesterdays

5. why must they play knights of cydonia as the opening song when sarip has not warmed up yet

6. singing for the whole 70 minutes is really not advisable when you are twenty yeight and creaking

7. or downing stuffS for that space of time

8. why was there no *singaporean way* of kiasuism pleading for 1 or 2 encores. weird.

9. time was running out and butterflies and hurricanes were super fab…

10. and at last sarip can touch the sky and feel the soul. 🙂

**overheard during the “gig”

mat with bandana on hp: “hallow? ah? apa? aku kat concert lah!”

gua tak tau nak ketawa kah ataupun nak bagi dia gua nya lighter yang dah panas baran. sempat jugak ini jek bebual time orang ngah lonjok2 cam kera cili padi. simple jer, kat concert. haha. if you get the drift lah, tapi sarip found that very the kelakar.

snappies soon. yey.


4 thoughts on “no’ones gonna take me alive, the time has come to make things right

  1. 1.Basic set opener memang Knights of Cydonia what
    2.I asked for Darkshines/Muscle Museum tapi takde
    3.We found $50 so we had free seafood dinner that night
    4. They played City of Delusion during soundcheck, but not on gig. Wasted.

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