kick it out

soccer’s been a bane lately. the obsession of espn and star sports telecasting every single bits and penny on soccuh, and especially teh premier chip, can make a four year old child to like eating his vegetables. there are some advantages here if i may assume.

how many times do we need to see how beautiful that goal is? how many times do we have to recollect how thought provoking a manager’s comment is? and why do they even showcased the ridicolous flamed nokia football crazy on 2 channels at.the.same.time? no offense but i think sheikh haikel’s ‘show-me-the-money-faked-nigguh’ screams almost made me smashed my ‘oh-so-nice-samsung-32-inch-that-let’s-you-imagine’ screen. it’s that bad.

i don’t want to know who fucked john terry’s mom. i don’t want to know beckham’s going to be a scientologist. i don’t want to know rooney’s powerhouse body can charge a kettler. the sad thruth is that a lot of people want to know. and interested. i wonder.

the whole soccuh fraternity is getting a lot of bollocks. the glamour of the of the name is more interesting than it’s point in itself. case of reminder? the ridicolous extra large poster of indra at citilink mall. oh, the controversy.

apart from the bright lights and glamuh that the advertisement community craves, both rugby and the nfl games brings out the men out of the men. they knock each other lights out. they (almost) strangle, punch, heatbutt, shoulder barged and what nots to live for the game. physical and brutal but not ultra violent in a gentleman-ly way. in soccuh, u’ll see players with hairbands carefully managed so as not to ruffle up their beautifully coiffured streaks, and thats about it. ok, to be fair, less of players are having that. but that’s not the whole point. soccer playuhs are always seen to be tumbling at the slightest touch, hopping like mad after scoring from a deflection, baraged the refs for an unfavored rule, and the cheating – let’s just not go into that. then there are the playuhs egos, the manager’s limbos and so forth. it’s getting to be like a huge cirque de soleil parade, with little class. and the poeple love it?!

sarip still loves his anfield bird, but the reasonings and other factors in the soccuh fraternity is making him *bleh* at best.

to that tune, sarip rather watch rugby, or for the mo, the nfl. sarip knows there will be backlash with  people commenting mat blachan trying to be mat salleh tak sedar diri. trust sarip though, do watch A game. disclaimer in point: there won’t be any players knocking to the ground and screaming in pain when tapped on the shoulder.

the superbowl’s on the 4th of feb. teams are currently vying to take their places for their conference finals. and as of just now the indy colts banished the ravens. intense i tell u. and im gonna put up to catch l.t. and the chargers fight it out against the patriots.


will the brady bunch do it again this year?

sarip will be rooting for the patriots (just because robert kraft was interested in purchasing liverpool) but the new orleans saints seems to be putting karma back in place. i think kevin b will be delighted about that.


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