aye! fone!

it is here. or soon it will. the blackberry pearl has to wait then.

but that iphone is one sweet shoite!

***can’t wait? this shall help.

***after all the hooblabla, it seems that the iphone (or j-phone) is not as good as it seems. batt life only for 5 hours? makdicow. the video lasts ony for 2 hours. and tarak interchangeable batt loh. camner dong…

tapi dia nye demo cam bayek ah.



i am losing faith in papa rafa. 2 big defeats in a space of 4 days is just.too.much.to.handle. six goals socred against. SIX?! i did not watch the match, but i don’t even think roy evans’ squad had let in six. at atfield of all fecking places. this was an experience so chastening for liverpool it had the statisticians flicking through the history books for the last time they conceded six goals at home. the relevant page can be found in the records for the 1929-30 season, when sunderland won 6-0. outfought, out-thought and, ultimately, outclassed. no excuses mon, this is the epitome of breaking point. it is time for sami, jerzy, aurelio, zenden, crouch and one whom i always am not fond of, carragher to step aside and be castrated. it’s time.


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