the following takes place between 00:00 am and 00:01 am

season 6 is starting this week. how the producers kept up with the pace is a bigger mystery for the sum of its parts. go jack! kill ’em all!

**FOX will release a Season 6 Premiere DVD on January 16th. This DVD contains the first 4 episodes of 24 season 6, and a preview of episode 5. The DVD leaked on Saturday, January 6th, eight days before the season premiere, to BitTorrent and other P2P networks.

it’s only the 8th day of 2007, but the list of performing acts is growing bit by bit. wtf?! so many acts at the same taim! last heard rachel yamagata, jose gonzalez and yo la tengo will be coming on the 12th of march. but the tixs! esplenet! wat daylight robbery are you thinking of?!

*** yo la tengo tixs

which comes to my wonder – how come most of the acts performing here are scheduled for weeknights? john legend on mon, muse on tues, jens on thurs, goodvibes on tues…and then we have the countless emil chaus or wakin watever or the eason chans and rain and whatnots on weekends? i think even mikey in 92 performed on a weekday (me thinks).

what gives sia? apa stim perform on a weeknight? cheaper cost? promoters want go enjoy on a weekend? whatever it is, there must be a reason because one too many shows are held on a weeknight. people have to work the next day hor…


2 thoughts on “the following takes place between 00:00 am and 00:01 am

  1. You lie about Jose Gonzales, I’m convinced of this.

    I will however fork out the $58 bucks to see Yo La Tengo, somehow. You coming?

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