pew pew

***eh eh, kena delete si sarip dari itu myspace nye list. dari badut love to kena buang negara…apa nak jadi, apa nak jadi… πŸ™‚

remember laser quest? the one wer it used to reside in cineleisure? those were the days where we will don the spacey suits and cheat the small kids by grabbing their bodies and shoot them non-stop. :>

we went to combat laser singapore and for the first time they were having it for the public en-masse at fort canning. and lo and behold, the head of the group is a former classmate, of all people.

it was fun but damn tiring i tell u. the area covered is huge around fort gate and a lot, A LOT of running is required. normal attire is acceptable though sarip does not understand why 2 abangs want to don their full army uniform. balik dari kem kot?we just attended 2 missions – attack and conquer and *savin the medic*. very counter-strike sarip tells you. the guns were realistic but unfortunately the big ones were taken very fast. sarip just got to use the *spitfire*, a small gun with a range of only 60 metres. the only way to kill the enemy using this gun is to run head on towards the enemy. bleh. got killed a lot by the sinpers.

shall try again, but sarip is still looking for the *real* paintball stuff. the one wer your skin will become bruised blue and black and red once the pellets hit your body. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “pew pew

  1. akan2 sama la,…kaki aku berlebam2 kena tembak..tapi aku pon banyak tembak org.
    mahal pasal usually its for ahli2 korporat punya event.
    must have at least 6 pple in one grp

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