pet pet pet pet

first, i need to remind myself to bring the speccies next time. its not a fun thing to do squinting the eyes while trying to figure out where the heck the ball is.

i was rooting for malaysia yesterday night. but being surrounded by a lot of the cheengapour fans, i just kept mum and hold on to my yellow very royal tee in tact. yes yes, so singapore won. on penalties nontheless. it was a disappointing night yesterday, at the way how the fans reacted, how the result went, and what rubbish that was displayed out.

i still dont understand how the national players are paid that much. if you say tt durai was guilty for his peanuts package, then i’ll say indra and co are guilty of the same charges. there was no fluidity, no bite, one way route football. for fuck sake sia, i dont see dat much consecutive passes, and if not for that jia yi and bennett, you guys are pooped. and not surprisingly, they’re foreign talent. the rest, all i can say, you dont deserve what you are paid for. so don’t act yek or something like dat ok? some of them can’t even trap the ball or make a decent pass. it’s a lucky fact that malaysia does not have a decent striker, but their midfield and defense are very coordinated in their fluidity and passing. that thiru guy and nathakumar fella really caught the eye.

worst, i am disappointed with the so called singapore die hard fans. respect the national anthems of both teams godamnit. and for a civilised country who kept reminding the spectators to not smoke in the stadium, vulgarities as a form of cheer is the most fav thing to do. come on, i think the pet pet pet pet butoh is so lame kan. can’t you think of anything else? at least the malaysian fans were singing malaysia boleh with gusto. oh and please dont start with ‘what about the kallang wave?’ it’s shite ok. football is all about passion, fight for the team not shouting vulgarities coordinately when the team is hopelessly shite and then start chirping like mad when they scored and then 2 mins later the pet pet pet thing start again. fuck lah ok? i see moms and dads butohing to the field, and their children looked in horror. maybe they think singaporeans are so repressed, and this is the only opportunity to let it out without worrying lots of policemen nearby apprehending them.

but it’s ok. let the “lions” live for another day. let the thais kick their butts and make indra fall on his face eating the grass so the nike people will scratch their head and thinking why the hell did they signed him up in the first place.


an inconvenient thruth

go and watch this godamnit.

it cannot be as simple as that.

i wonder how the residents of sentosa cove will be thinking of their coveted property. hmmm. it is not a strange fact kan we’re having heavy rains nowadays – and now they’re predicting there’ll be (a) drought during the months of late february to may.

but for a fact, i didn’t know the ozone layer has been solved. sort of. must be the new and enhanced air-conditioners lah kan. ya’all must have known kan last time in school “what is cfc?” is the most popular questions in science comps and clubs. 🙂

but, are we really ready for it?


some people are so lucky.


everywhere i go, the gong xi song is already on the flow. dang.


sarip’s a horseman. since the year of the biatch (woof.) will be come undone, it’s time for some kermit lurrrvvee with the little miss piggy. now let’s get it on!

Year of The Horse
This is a good year to implement great plans. Even if issues were to arise, they will be resolved in no time. Avoid being too complacent. You still need to take care of details and make contingency plans. Do not be rude to others and forget the pain that you have suffered through yourself. Treasure the good times and maximize it to the full and keep yourself busy. You will be able to get the support from authorities and will be presented many golden opportunities. Look out for unexpected and sudden problems. Remember to save for a rainy day.

sarip can already see $$$ problems come early april. dang.

You will be given many opportunities to develop and grow. Promotions and advancements are in the pipeline. Do not get too greedy and push others to the edge. Be gentle and graceful. You will be showered with more if you could remember how you got successful in the first place.

problem is sarip has a short term memory.

Good wealth luck. However do not be too greedy. Grab your winnings and lay off till the next opportunity comes along.

ok, no genting highland trips.

Stable. For those who are already in a relationship, things will be stable. Singles have a slim chance of meeting the right person this year. However, this is a good year to increase your social circle.

slim shady will be a steady.

Be weary about illnesses that attack suddenly such as heart attacks and strokes. You will tend to be more accident-prone. Do not participate in activities that involve high risk.

cue: do not engage to 5th gear.

Remember to be humble and do not say things that you will regret later and do not make enemies.

i think this happens anytime of the year, in any year. 🙂

so….what’s yours?

pada pagi yang cuaca best lepas tuh malas nak buat keje…

itu oscars nye nominasi dah kluar tau.

so sarip nak ulaskan sikit dia nye pemenang yang tak akan menang pasal akademi tak suka underdog yang berkualiti dan yang takde hasil komersial nye pasal.

citer paling bayekkk
sarip nak itu l.m.s. menang jadi boleh tunjukkan kat rumah produksi besar besar yang citer yang bagus tak seharusnya kena ada bajet yang besar dan publisiti sampai cam nak mampos.

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- letters to iwo jima

pelakon jantan paling bayekkkk
gua *dl* itu half nelson pasal tahun lalu metacritic bagi dia nye rating bayek cam nak mampos. gua dulu tengok ryan goosling dalam notebook, sarip tertidur kejap. tapi sarip mau dia menang pasal dia slalu muka stone dan pakai jam kalkulator. lagipun banyak orang belum tengok half nelson so cam cool sikit lah part nih. ataupun apa si cik ainah cakap dia nampak sampai sanggup nak tonton. *harrrr*

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- forrest whitaker

pelakon betina paling bayekkkk
berapa kali dah diaorang nak bagi judi dench nominasi. tak paham gua. tapi sarip nak support kat itu kate winslet pasal member tak pernah diiktiraf sama lagipun sarip ngah baca buku little children. heh.

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- merryl streep / penelope cruz

pelakon pembantu jantan paling bayekkkk
dialog yang paling bagus skali didengar oleh sarip taim ngah tonton tahun lalu ialah bila alan arkin nasihatkan dia nye cucu, “go fuck a lot of women.” itu sahaja boleh menang anugerah nobel siol.

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- eddie murphy

pelakon pembantu betina paling bayekkkk
sarip rasa ni tahun anna panquin kedua akan terjadi. step forward abigail breslin. kalau dah boleh tari lagu super-freak, tuh dah bleh masuk dalam buku guiness.

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- jennifer hudson

sutradara paling bayekkkk
eh sudahlah akademi. bagilah sutradara paling terbaik sepanjang 30 tahun nih ke cik martin scorsese. semua filem dia sarip gemar. semua klassik. dah tiba masanya. cuma yang paling klakar, dia slalu kalah kat pelakon yang menjadi sutradara.go figure.

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- clint eastwood

originalnye layar paling bayekkkk
ok senang ajer. sarip nak l.m.s. ni saja kategori yang l.m.s. yang boleh menang sesungguhnya. heh.

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- letters to iwo jima

adaptasi nye layar paling bayekkk
borat. pasal nak tengok camner dia bebual dalam bahasa queen’s english dia. lepas tuh maki hamun kat orang ramai.

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- the departed

dokumeteri paling bayekkkk
the inconvenience of thruth. go al gore!

tapi yang paling mungkin akan menang pasal sarip suay bila buat prediksi:- erm, al gore?

the day when another kolig suddenly berambus…

1. “…why do you ever want to read the new york times when you don’t even live in new york?”

someone tried to mindfuck me this today. shoite.

2. my name is aidiL and I am an oneironaut. says:
eh tadi aku masuk pintu
my name is aidiL and I am an oneironaut. says:
bapak aku selalu solat kat hall
my name is aidiL and I am an oneironaut. says:
aku nampak sejadah
my name is aidiL and I am an oneironaut. says:
pastu kain dia kat atas
my name is aidiL and I am an oneironaut. says:
mati2 aku ingat bapak aku jadi jedi sak

aidil the meek never fails to enlighten me with his venus flytrap theories.

3. new songs have been uploaded. in case anyone is interested, a bit jaded though those, butfinally, yes finally, utilising that multiply thingy.

4. the sight of aide iskandar looking perplexed is absolutely. fucking. priceless. i’ve nothing against him or indra for a stretch (mark), but when you are earning loads and are just in the team because of yer *star* status, something’s gotta give. i think budak2 bola zaman 90an dulu kan must’ve heard stories about indra nye yek. aide, he *looks* like a good guy, but just get the hell out of da team, can? because of you 2, i rather hope for any singapore’s opponents to win tau. shouted like hell when that hardy fella scored that beaut. (he meant it lah, not a fluke). and lo and behold, seconds prior to that, it was aide who scrambled the ball away for the throw in. he’s out of paced, reading of the game is totally poor, cannot intimidate the opponent, holds the backline poorly and commit stupid fouls waaaaaaaaaaaaay inside the opponents half. how this for a captain who earns fucking loads by lying down on the ground just to try to waste some time.


5. where are the man babis in the world???


mebbe mcguyver can give the answer.

bulls on parade don’t tire me

the times are a-changing man.

technology’s so high, even the pornos have to get by.

Jesse Jane, one of the industry’s biggest stars, plans to go under the knife next month to deal with one side effect of high-definition. The images are so clear that Ms. Jane’s breast implants, from an operation six years ago, can be seen bulging oddly on screen.

“I’m having my breasts redone because of HD,” she said.

if ya tell me, i still prefer the vhs, petain road style. haha. to hell with hd, who needs a screen that costs more (for now) just to have to look at something that is *clearer*?

but the time’s are really a-changing. just because the fave nu-politico rockers from the 90s are back. yes, the rumours are true. zach de la rocha, tom morello, brad wilk and tim commerford are reuniting yo!

you say who?


it’s the evil empire, rage against the machine that’s who! the reunion will take place at the coachella fest in apr. hopefully zamri bogey wont be doing his bombtrack thing again upon hearing this, if you get the drift. :]

but then tom brady and the pats lost in the afc finals. just when i was thinking of doing this.



tram no 7 sends me to heaven

Originally uploaded by kampungdusun.

first up, thank you to ain, troubadours and junk for bringing in jens last saturday. and it was nice jumpa kamu after all these years. 🙂

ok sarip’s gonna sound like a fanboy in the next few lines so bear with it.

“…i admire a country who is passionate for its badminton.” – jens

i’ve never encountered an artiste that is so down-to-earth, witty, quirky, no pretensions what not. at first sarip thought you are one mat salleh maner entah tengok sana tengok sini.

you mingled with all of us, accepting our requests and my god, those hands are soft. what meatballs have they been feeding the swedes?

“…i think tonight’s the most photographed night i had, ever.”

sarip’s been listening to your songs for the past year and a half, and all the lyrics are memorised and touched. *dweeb* so when black cab, you are the light, maple leaves, i saw her at the anti-war demonstration, i don’t know if she’s worth 900kr, pocketful of money and julie were played out, sarip just striked out one of the things he want to experience in his life, per se. (it’s quite a big deal lah)

“…everyone has a personal boundary so do understand.”

it was a wonderful trip. met some new friends and having an iranian as your room-mate was something new. all the best hassan for the future.

by the way, since messia is having their tourism year this year, lots of guesthouses have been spruced up. if yer on a budget or could not stand pudgy hotels, do visit the haven guesthouse. just my 2 cents.

and to top it off what more can you ask for. liverpool and arsenal won and the scum and chavs lost. nice.

ok dah.