mathematics and leb

i love indexed@blogspot. the way how he/she manages mathemathical equations and “life” is hilarious and meaningful. do visit it.

how come suddenly singapore is becoming *cooler*? muse lah, jens lah, now yo la tengo is supposedly coming over to singapore for MOSAIC in march (apparently).

and get this, and i hope you are not pulling my leg ainah, beastie boys MAY be coming down in feb. dats right. adrock, mike d and mca IN february. FEB?! don’t believe it? belive it fool! the ostolia press was reporting they’re performing for the good vibrations festival. foshizzle mah nizzle! what did the gahmen do to suddenly make these fellas heading down here? tax exemptions?

whatever it is, just keep them coming, but (!) this pocket is about to koyak too. if only gahmen gives progress package supplements for gigs.

and speaking of gigs, following didi’s afluence, suddenly it’s back to le roots circa ’95. revolution punk rock in youth of today. i bet any of you self respecting what nots *worships* break down the walls. keep it up!

You know it causes more problems you’re not happy at all
every time you indulge you realize you fall
all that you’ve learned don’t take the wrong turn
if you keep it up you’re gonna get burned
KEEP IT UP Go ahead KEEP IT UP KEEP IT UP I hope you don’t KEEP IT UP
A position of respect live up to it
you never liked the trend, that’s why you quit
you know what is wrong you know that you’re strong
you knew the whole time that you didn’t belong


4 thoughts on “mathematics and leb

  1. dats interesting..years ago like more than 10 yrs ago.the beasties were here for tis mtv concert thing with other bands..but they were not allowed to perform.

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