christmas kan has become this one huge festival that everyone somehow looks forward too. i don’t know how a religious festival is somehow interpreted as a festival for merrying and partying for many others. mungkin ada conspiracy theory tak?

anyways, when the 25th of dec is approaching nearer, a lot of people suddenly go on the shopping spree. maybe 90% of them are the civil servants enjoying their 2.2, i dont know. if you keen to realise kan, suddenly a lot of people are carrying big big paperbags on the mrt trains nowadays.

spirit of giving lah nak dikatakan.

sarip does not as much. he is very practical. if any kind souls want to spare their point 2, he only wants this. nothing much.


leica m8. mmmmmmmmmm.


3 thoughts on “snap

  1. it’s vivocity and the opening of gap stores la. oh and ikea @ tampines.

    i went to vivocity earlier. very reminiscent to that of klcc. what with the open park segala. but then again, maybe it’s the presence of makciks and like the whole population of bazaar-geylangers.

    i wonder how pakciks-batam feel about vivocity. i mean, it’s prolly much easier getting caught by the wives who are like at the next building jer. then again, makciks might be too busy walking around.

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