taat cumo kalu ada yang liat

is the world going to end? really? bleah. all these talk about the disasters happening around up down left right centre surrounds the message the day of reckoning is coming soon.


the earth is always changing mah since its birth. this year asia pacific is suffering a lot of climate effects but hor less of an impact of the hurricane season in the west. i say they turn by turn.

if people are so afraid of the day, just insaf loh.

which comes into the topic of NYE celebrations. i dare say the sermon for this friday will definately emphasise on the neglicence of the party goers. rest assuared though, 90% of “them” will definately go, sermon or not. and that also explains why there are a lot of babies born during the month of september. ah huh ah huh.

and i wonder how they are fixing the cable lines under the sea. how singtel? my connection damn slow, got diskoun or not this month?

bandung was great. the food was good. the weather was cooling. and the ceweks are hawt. i like!

and to sum up this year in quotes, let’s do a top 5.


5. “to the left, to the left” – that beyonce song ah i tell u surprisingly i like

4. “tanya kenapa! tanya kenapa!” – this one from that sampoerna ad. the advertising peeper hor they did good over *there*

3. “…instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for singapore, i’m going to spend all my time thinking what’s the right way to fix them..” – ah lee’s speech on what he’ll do if got many opposition in parliament.

2. “stay the course” – another classic bushism.

1. “…get out of my elite uncaring face!” – ’nuff said.


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mathematics and leb

i love indexed@blogspot. the way how he/she manages mathemathical equations and “life” is hilarious and meaningful. do visit it.

how come suddenly singapore is becoming *cooler*? muse lah, jens lah, now yo la tengo is supposedly coming over to singapore for MOSAIC in march (apparently).

and get this, and i hope you are not pulling my leg ainah, beastie boys MAY be coming down in feb. dats right. adrock, mike d and mca IN february. FEB?! don’t believe it? belive it fool! the ostolia press was reporting they’re performing for the good vibrations festival. foshizzle mah nizzle! what did the gahmen do to suddenly make these fellas heading down here? tax exemptions?

whatever it is, just keep them coming, but (!) this pocket is about to koyak too. if only gahmen gives progress package supplements for gigs.

and speaking of gigs, following didi’s afluence, suddenly it’s back to le roots circa ’95. revolution punk rock in youth of today. i bet any of you self respecting what nots *worships* break down the walls. keep it up!

You know it causes more problems you’re not happy at all
every time you indulge you realize you fall
all that you’ve learned don’t take the wrong turn
if you keep it up you’re gonna get burned
KEEP IT UP Go ahead KEEP IT UP KEEP IT UP I hope you don’t KEEP IT UP
A position of respect live up to it
you never liked the trend, that’s why you quit
you know what is wrong you know that you’re strong
you knew the whole time that you didn’t belong

merry beri

this is the probably best device evuh for a couch patato. i’ve troubles storing my shows in the pc at the moment. i think it is time to erase those cffs, nsfws and milfs shows. not healthy lah. :S

i calculated that come may, i’ve to start paying cash to the bank. that’s a real bazooka for me. i won’t know how it is *surviveable* to live off beyond that month. and thus it strucked me, something has to go. actually, A LOT of things have to go. the manager was telling me if you keep thinking that it’ll happen, of course it will. so be positive to achieve the monetory rewards. easy for you to say mister. you don’t have to face the fear of being homeless when the ladder breaks.

the uncle taxi driver the other night was talking to me about life in singapore. it’s bleak and depressing i tell you. he used to be a gm in a government linked company, but could not continue as they are relocating overseas and he has obligations to his family here. so for the past 5 years he’s been driving the cab *just* to get by his life. get by i think is the real motto for us regular singaporeans nowadays. maybe they shld replace the national anthem with kanye’s ditty. instead of ‘marilah kita bersatu dengan semangat yang barooo’, i think it is sensible to recite :

This morning I woke up
Feelin brand new, I jumped up
Feelin my highs and my lows
In my soul, and my goals
Just to stop smoking nd stop drinkin
But I been thinkin I got my reasons
Just to get by, just to get by, just to get by

now how appropriate is that? i dont’ want to throw away my roots, but i think times have REALLY change and a new anthem is needed. even though it is a pop song, american one at that. but then singaporeANS tend to favor le americans kan? especially those bankers who comes in and earns that $200k annum packages dealing in brokerages and equities. and after snogging the locals, they’ll flutter away to them hood. not all, but MOST. ok now this post is suddenly targeted towards my biasness and menyampah tak sudah with ‘foreign talent’. i better stop.

tough times to enter the spirit of misery!

woe, woe, woe.

but then it’s coming to the end of 2006. this time last year something big happened. entah camner, its tonggak tembalik plak dis year. how fortunes have changed, kan? anyway, ni lah aku nye list for fave things for this year *drumrolls*

things i love abt 2006:-
1. bought le house
2. got clara + clementine
3. met omar and daniel
4. closer friendship with albert, dev and jarrod
5. witnessed rafique getting married
6. saw dj shadow and KOC performed
7. got the adv dip and abt to complete the micloooooosoft certs
8. liverpool won the fa cup
9. fostered a closer relationship with a friend of 2 years, totally unexpectedly
10. oh, back to square one again

more cheers loh for 2007. i figured that’ll be the real year to kick start on a lot of issues.

the ego has landed.

les championese

ah shucks. 2 of my fav teams must, MUST, meet in the second round. blardy hell.


if anyone who reads this knows about takaful funds, email me can? your experience is much appreciated. chanks!

and i am still a sucker for feel good so called inspirational movies that tickle the ‘hati susah jadi penyejuk’ type. heh.

step forward will smith.

the pursuit of happyness.

i read itsa good. oh well.

Ah Seng the Ripper in Chingapore!

well i thought i had it bad when relationships go sour. but this guy really takes the cake, oscar award, IR bid, whatever cupcakes you can give to.

watch. and don’t squirm.

i think the ipswich serial killer might be jealous of him too. broad daylight in the middle of the fucking public pavement! how in the world will anyone top this off?!

maybe both of them went to see saw 3 that’s why he got inspired. no?

but fucking hell, what in the world is the videographer doing? call the bloody cops damnit!

or maybe the person is a blardy sadist too.

all i can say is bless you china!

of angelas, angels and angles

ever jumping on the bandwagon, sarip currently indulges with the decemberists’ the crane wife.

The Crane Wife is an old Japanese tale. While there are many variations of the tale, a common version is that a poor man finds an injured crane on his doorstep (or outside with an arrow in it), takes it in and nurses it back to health. After releasing the crane, a woman appears at his doorstep with whom he falls in love and marries. Because they need money, his wife offers to weave wondrous clothes out of silk that they can sell at the market, but only if he agrees never to watch her make them. They begin to sell them and live a comfortable life, but he soon makes her weave them more and more. Oblivious to his wife’s diminishing health, his greed increases. He eventually peeks in to see what she is doing to make the silk she weaves so desirable. He is shocked to discover that at the room is a crane plucking feathers from her body and weaving them into the loom. The crane, seeing him, flies away and never returns.

you can listen the stream here. there is even a section on the stories how the songs came about.

wonderful poetry on a conscious tune. nice.

deus ibi est

You Know Yer Indie. Let’s Sub-Categorize.

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 hmm, well that’s emasculating. at least i get a picture of isobel campbell as consolation.

the weekend’s here!

it’s time to sheikh it up!


kang berita pasal klub bolasepak kesayangan sarip akan dibeli oleh sheikh dari doobye. kaya betul eh ni arab arab. ada duit tapi blanjer cam nak rak. tapi tak mengapa. lu mau bagi duit kat liverpool gua oraight. cuma lu jangan pandai pandai tukar sana sini inkut lu nya cara beli club kesayangan gua atas sebab sebab nak buat duit cepat lepas tuh cabut lari.

cuma kalau bleh gua mau request ah kat lu sheikh, kalau bleh lu tukar itu penaja liverpool bleh tak? semenjak diaorang tukar dari ‘candy’ ke ‘carlsberg’ suay demi suay datang menimpa. tak tau ah apasal. lagipun kesian ada member2 gua diaorang nak beli jersey tuh tapi tak nak pasal tertera itu label. entah apasal. so, ok kan?

jangan lu letak slogan penaja seperti ‘DUH BAI’ sudah lah. kecoh plak nanti perang sedara.

More New Names For The New Liverpool…
United Liverpudlian Emirates? ULE?

I bet I’m not the only person to write this in!
Tom, Barnet Bees, Clacton

…Durka Durka-Pool?
Peter Comerford

…Regarding Liverpool’s new name. How about ‘el FC’? They could even play at ‘Kor-anfield’.
Malcolm Harris, Japan

itu soundtrack of our lives

satu benda yang sarip terkilan ni tahun, dia macam abaikan dia nye musik lah. camner tak, satu tahun nak jadi romantika di tampoi, so paham paham aje lah kan. tapi ni tahun ada jugaklah sketsa sketsa music yang sarip tak akan lupa. pertama itu kings of conveneince nye gig kat esplenet, especially kan bila diaorang nyanyi ‘homesick’ alih alih satu bilik sumer gelap gelita. fuh. touching tuh part. yang lagi satu tuh bila dj shadow datang main. alamak sarip bilang tunggu 10 tahun alih alih dia main ‘organ donor’ sarip cam nak pengsan. dah macam kena rasuk tak bedek. cuma yang dia menyesal tuh sarip tak dapat gi tengok mogwai sama slayer(!), tapi takphur.

tapi enjot enjot pejam pelik alih alih nak dekat 2007. ah slalunya kan kang nak dekat habis tahun banyaklah orang start dia nye ‘best (illegally downloaded) music of the year’ nye list. ni tahun pada sarip tak seberapa syiok sangat lah tak macam tahun lalu, tapi adalah jugaklah yang sarip cam syiokkan jugak, cuma dia tak paham asal orang tergila-gilakan artic monkeys.

ah ni dalam senarai tak diurus, sarip nye hiburan minggu ini top 10 untuk 2006.


1. curse your little heart – devotchka


2. yellowhouse – grizzly bear


3. return to the cookie mountain – tv on the radio


4. the greatest – cat power


5. futuresex/lovesounds – justin tembalek


6. palo alto – shearwater


7. st. elsewhere – gnarls barkley


8. fishscale – ghostface killah


9. the dust of retreat – margot and the nuclear so-sos


10. love – beatles

gemilang lang lang

najib ali nye rancangan gemilang memang strike to the chord lah. walahpun dia nye cameraman out of tune, dia nye jalan dia ada sikit songeh, tapi tak per. dia nye konsep gua bleh caya sama dia. eh tapi sebenarnya, apa rancangan dia bikin sarip sokong sratush peratush. pasal si najib nih walaupun orang slalu cakap dia ada sikit sot dot, tapi orang tak mau fikir lebih lebar apa yang dia nak tujukan. skarang kan banyak muda mudi nih dah malas nak bermelayu kan, pasal tak cool per. nak cakap melayu pun takut takut sebab diaorang cakap kekok lah, itu lah ini lah. apa nih?? agama bleh tukar, fesyen bleh tukar, mood pun bleh tukar, tapi lu nyah darah melayu tak tukar beb. jadi gua ups kat lu ah najib. lepas itu 80an gerek, ni gemilang lagi satu dalam lu nyah koleksi. entah apa plak lu mau bikin lepas nih.

ah hari tuh gua cakap ngan si dr. ain, dia bilang gua nyah favrite abang sweden nak datang oi! sapa lagi kalau tak abang lekman!

dia nak datang kang itu bulan januari! best lah, lepas muse trus lekman. gua tak kenal sapa itu isman, tapi kalau lu baca nih, gua nak enjot enjot kat ko. :>

ah apa lagi? oh gua dah start jogging balik, rokok dah downgrade ke itu malbolo lights sama gua rejek itu air traffik pasal takut kalau buat salah kena masuk jel.

dah tu ajer. :>


christmas kan has become this one huge festival that everyone somehow looks forward too. i don’t know how a religious festival is somehow interpreted as a festival for merrying and partying for many others. mungkin ada conspiracy theory tak?

anyways, when the 25th of dec is approaching nearer, a lot of people suddenly go on the shopping spree. maybe 90% of them are the civil servants enjoying their 2.2, i dont know. if you keen to realise kan, suddenly a lot of people are carrying big big paperbags on the mrt trains nowadays.

spirit of giving lah nak dikatakan.

sarip does not as much. he is very practical. if any kind souls want to spare their point 2, he only wants this. nothing much.


leica m8. mmmmmmmmmm.

office space

that’s it. sarip had it enough of working here. he’s counting the days staying put here, just because too sayang not to have the year end bonus. :]

but come january, sarip will be venturing! but he scared. venturing out on his own with a huge liability on his back. he still is a slave to the bank and somemore no safety net, how? but it’ll be exciting because he still dreams of tasting the mill bucks when he reaches 46. and he knows this is THE only line where that dream can be achieved. his parents will surely flipped if he tells them, and the thoughts of being homeless if this fails makes them all the worry. oh well.

but in other news,


bellamy, here sarip comes!