Thomas (Jackman) and Isabel (Weisz) beside the Tree of Life

Our bodies are prisons, for our souls.

All flesh decays… death turns all to ash.

And thus, death frees every soul…

The Fountain


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  1. No one will escape death’s reach. Its realm is everything and nothing; everywhere and nowhere. Why not be ready for death? Why not love death? The meaning of life is yet undetermined. Death is the only answer. Death is the only constant in life. Life is death. Death is life.

  2. Dave, no offense, but you’re full of it. I loved the fountain until people kept telling me that the point if it was to accept death (call me dumb, whatever, I didn’t get that from it). No one needs to “accept death”. Death is a disease. I do not want to die “gracefully” like Isabelle. There isn’t any meaning behind life, but there is a point to it, and death robs it of it. I for one will go down kicking and screaming.

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