payung best

sarip always like the rainy season. esp those type where wind vair strong, the water drop like frickin’ big, and then the sky like no sun like for hours or even days. wah shiok ah!

but then it is more shiok when sarip at home lah, lzaing around, reading and then sleep. but no shiok when raining heavy heavy then kena go to work. si bey sien right? and then sarip hates, really hates to bring umbrella one. that is why sarip always keep losing his brolly cos he cannot be bothered about it one.

super brolly!

unless he has this lah. power siots. you shake the thing dry owedi. phhuuwahhh!

sarip thinks this shaved-cropped-look-thinking-wanna-be-justintimber-or-michaelschofield-things is becoming more like kaki-bukit-drc-kluar-masuk-type lah. damn. now have to wait for 3 months for the thing to grow out back again. but then it’ll be ok. no need to worry to have mesy hair, no need to pick up the dropped hair from the sinkhole, no need to be so stylo mylo. just one *schnnnnnnnnnnaaap* and its done. power.


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