manah manah!

hello mr bush.

welcome to singapore. i still remember that time your papa and mama came down here in 91. i wonder what you are up to at that time.

so, where will you be staying put while ‘holidaying’ here? i hope you enjoyed your stay here. don’t you worry about terror here. because the biggest terror amongst all is actually the one welcoming you at hand.

i remembered that time during the run-up to your country’s elections you warned your citizens that if your opposition wins the election they will increase taxes. can you tell something to your hosts how come they can raise the tax just like dat one? because the hosts will listen to whatever you say, if you tell them to setup welfare system they’ll sure immediately implement it one. i kid you not. what you say they’ll support even though most of the world’s population regards you as a war criminal.

you don’t have to worry about security ok? because of you, a lot of the major roads are closed for the conveniences of our daily lives. we like that one, ang moh come we throw all of our pride and dump it for further usage. you don’t believe? wait you see how come a lot of our people ‘suddenly’ adopted your country’s slang. we love your slang so much that we even pronounced ‘hari’ as ‘harry’ and ‘bedok’ as ‘baydok’ to quote some examples during the hari raya telecasted programme that time.

will you do your famous bushisms while talking at our world crass nus? i hope you will because we need more humour from politicians after kena tortured by our own who talked like robot with no tone one. i hope you understand ‘torture’ can be in a lot of different forms.

ok mr bush, hopefully you enjoy your stay here, though i do not know how come u want to come down here for 2 days when you can actually go straight to vietnam for you meetings. maybe you missed your 51st state i presume. or mebbe you cannot be bothered to hear your general’s congress hearing yesterday night. ok ta!

nothing related but i like to watch these 2 videos from youtube again and again and again. you know lah youtube know, vair strict one. all the colbert report and daily show clips kena bring down owedi. :<

goodness me. that drummer damn solid sia. suddenly inspired to pick up the sticks and do some juggling. :S

ah this one. i’ve been playing this song over and over again today don’t know why. i don’t even know what is manah manah in the first place. but cute right? those were the good times. and i’ve always like kermitty the frog. cos of him i’ve developed the skill of doing the puppet hand. :]


3 thoughts on “manah manah!

  1. ello. i was just surfing around and i found your old blog. which led me to this blog. gotta say your posts are all interesting. and some are hilarious. hope you dont mind. bubYee.

  2. dood do do do do
    manah manah
    dood do do do
    manah manah
    do do do do do do dood do do do do

    (saiful does it to me all the time. and he expects me to do the do-do parts)

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