this liver’s a fool


i am beginning to lose faith with papa rafa’s management of his tactics. yesterday’s match buatkan darah very up! it was so obvious to see that both sami hypia and jamie kerekgher can’t perform. hypia is too slow and kerekgher is just too dumb. the first goal was a fine example. hypia couldn’t chase the ball, and kerekgher didn’t know what to do. worst, why rafa why do you still insist on playing bolo zenden? he (always) looked like a headless chicken chasing the the wind and mark gonzalez, please don’t let me get start talking about him.

i think the main reason why liverpool’s so bad this season is because they’re missing one very significant player that had rescued them in 2 of their biggest matches – dietmar hamann. hamaan, in spite of his age, is a class act who can control the tempo of the game. he does not panic, holds the ball well, links the defence and midfield and does not run and tackle like a headless chicken in the form of momo sissoko and zenden. in the 2 major finals before, liverpool are trailing but with hamaan’s introduction, he managed to calm his team-mates and slowly building up their tempo. rafa needs someone like him real bad to allow stevie g to roam freely. stevie g needs some stability at the back before he can unleash his might. if not, liverpool will keep losing all of their away matches this season. :<

what a way to end a terrible weekend.

but tom hanks did say to just keep breathing. just keep breathing. where is wilson when you needed it most?



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