No Adherence To Observation

Politicians in the west and the general public are always up in arms and pinpoint the “radical” Muslims for the trouble in the world. From conflicts of war to head scarves, they are always quick to target the “hassle” of adjustments and issues to deal with them. They pinpoint “historical tales” of how the Muslims conquered and ruled the land, past and present. They claimed how a religion that prophesied peace can have so many tumultuous incidents among themselves and others.

But when an incident like this and many others happens, most of them tend to look on the blind side. These stories are only notified on the rear end of importance. They will do the undiplomatic acknowledgement but with little action. How is a crime like this not as severe as compared to the London, Madrid or Bali bombings? The numbers may not be as “significant” but the appalling factor here is that it is done by a governmental unit who wants to justify peace and harmony. And for goodness sake NATO, you HAVE to attack on a Muslim holiday. I can just imagine what will be the reaction of MOST world leaders if some leftist radicals bomb a small village celebrating Thanksgiving and what-nots.

And what do we do about it? If we are to react strongly to the incident and take action, you’ll be the first to sanction us. But if we don’t do anything about it, you will continue bombard us with bombs, snarls and accusations for our existence. We are told to be moderate in our reactions, but tell me how much more moderation can we take when incidents like these happen regularly and no responsibility is being accounted for?


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