even stevphen montage

classic. steve carell has this i-don’t-know-what-is-going-on look, he seems oblivious, innocent. and it works. it may look simple, but to put his timing to perfection gives him a lot of credibility.

colbert, everyone agrees, is funny. smart. a younger version of david letterman, so to speak.

too bad, there is no more even stevphen.

hail to youtube then!


checkout this show by designer hussein chayalan. the days when clothes can automatically resize itself ala marty mcfly’s jacket in back to the future 2 is materialising soon.



geylang was visited yesterday. the atmosphere felt different. the original market and the spirits at blocks 1 – 4 are missing. one by one, the monuments in geylang i’ve grown up with are made way for “better developments”. i miss the old mosque along onan road, the coffee shop at the main juction where m. nasir referred to his song ‘bas no. 13’, the crooked jagged shops within the market, that old coffee shop at block 1, many others.

now, only yokoso is the one left remaining remnant (joo chiat is too relevant lah. 🙂 ) that i can associated with my childhood. ‘celaka punya sundal’ will be the day if anyone wants to tear it down.




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