greed is good.


money money money, singapore money…

…Singapore lectures Indonesia about the importance of the rule of law while giving its criminals a haven.

Despite the billions it gets from Indonesia, it gives back only a fraction in foreign assistance but then decries Indonesia for being insufficiently grateful…

i wonder how the gahmen can reflect themselves upon this. we are often being lectured to practise ethical discipline, but the Godfadja is only thinking on how to ‘improve the future of our country’s economy’.

and now with indonesia crumbling down, Godfadja now is concentrating on the ever popular (mainly) chinese addiction to gambling. what’s next if the casino goes bust? human trading?

it is admirable that Godfadja is concentrating on building wealth, for this country maybe, but the extent and measures it is applied and the smokescreen of ‘honourable practice and free of corruption’ mantra being promoted just give it a stink of bad feelings. long live to blood money then…


having this located “quite” nearby to your workplace, is a good reprieve. only if the payscale is higher, then it’ll be perfect, lah. 🙂


read in the news a few days back, where Seha formerly from the band Freedom had passed away after battling cancer for the past few months.

tell me you 80s malay kids. tell me you’ve listen to Freedom when you are still young. i was in Primary 3, when i first heard Freedom and i was transfixed. shuib and seha were the 2 most admired singers (for a time). hehe. everytime the song goes, “sejak perkenalan kita…aku dapat merasa…” me and my cousins will do the ting tong ting tong organ sounds.  or when shuib starts to sing…”di haaaadaaapaaan kitaaaa…ada jalan..menuju…”darn, i forgot the lyrics.

but anyway, Freedom was a part of my childhood, and my cousins too. we love them very much and always look forward for their performance on Hiburan Minggu Ini. and for that, we thank you for the memories.

may your soul rest in peace.


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