freak goals and structures

1. paul robinson’s freak ‘goal’ can only be blamed on one entity. not the pitch, the opponents, the inept manager or ‘fat’ frank lampard who is making me squemish everytime he’s aiming for a ‘goal’.

it can only be faulted on one reason. see it for yourself.

Robin Hood gives a goal!

yes, you know it’s true. when borat’s looking at you, your worst nightmares will come true.

“Chenquieh! I is Happy!”

2. little miss sunshine is vair fulfilling.

Uncle Frank and the yellow bus

the soundtrack is excellent (devotchka + sufjan!), the acting is spot on, the theme is very inspiring. we always remind ourselves to not to give up, no matter how large the obstacle is for it can be countered if you have the faith and believe. in that 103 minutes, the message was littered across from a vw van and a little 7 year old actress.

3. vivocity is huge. not megamall huge, but still huge lah. GAP has not opened yet, but soon will (yeay!) it has a great scenary where the old harbour pavillion and its shopping and eating stretch used to stand. sarip used to linger around there before, visiting this one record store and get his dose of bootleg cds, and just gaze towards the sea. as it stands now, there is a structure that looks like a snowman. sarip does not understand how a snowman structure fits in the mould of a hot, equatorial, humid island.


oh, and the cineplex entrance doors can be a bit, erm, confusing. double check if you’re supposed to enter theatre 10.



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